Program of XXXVII PNPI Winter School on Nuclear
and Particle Physics and IX St.Petersburg School on Theoretical
Physics (St. Petersburg, Repino, February 24 - March 2, 2003)

(M-Music hall; C-Cinema hall)

Monday, February 24

15:00-15:20 M Opening of the School

15:20-16:10 M R.Nigmatulin (IM USC, Ufa) - Deuterium-deuterium nuclear fusion during acoustic cavitation.

16:20-17:10 M D.Yakovlev (PTI, St.Petersburg) - Pycnonuclear burning and equation of state of superdense matter.

17:20-18:10 M V.Ivanov (St.Petersburg Univ.) - Astronomical Zoo: a short visit.

Tuesday, February 25

Morning session

9:30-10:20   M G.Gustafson (Lund Univ., Sweden) - A semiclassical intuitive picture of parton distributions and small-x physics.

10:30-11:20 M L.Trentadue (CERN) - Fracture functions.

11:30-12:20 M  H.Kalinowsky (Bonn Univ., Germany) - Present status of CB-ELSA project.
C V.Kim (PNPI) - BFKL and Monte Carlo generators for high energies.

12:30-13:20 M Ch.Weinheimer (Bonn Univ., Germany) - First results on photoprodaction of neutral mesons obtained at Crystal Barrel + TAPS setup
                    C D.Diakonov (Nordita, PNPI) - Elaboration of dual space.


Evening session

15:00-15:50 M V.Nikitin (JINR, Dubna) - Study of Au + Au collision using STAR setup at RHIC collider.
                    C   L.Lipatov (PNPI), A.Kotikov (JINR, Dubna) - Evolution equations in supersymmetric gauge theories.

16:00-16:50 M P.Zarubin (JINR, Dubna) - Studies of light nucleus clustering in processes of relativistic multifragmentation.                 
C  V.Velizhanin (PNPI) - Breaking of conformal invariance or evolution equations in supersymmetric Yang-Mills theories.

17:00-17:50 M V.Baryshevsky (INP, Minsk) - Time noninvariant optical experiments use of the accelerators of high energy particles.
                   C  A.Mironov (ITEP, Moscow) - Title to be announced.

18:00-18:50 M  L.Labzowsky (PSU, St.Petersburg) - Resonance spectroscopy of the anti-hydrogen atom.
                    C G.Pivovarov (MSU, Moscow)- Phase transition in light-front $\phi^4_{1+1}$.

Wednesday, February 26

Morning session

9:30-10:20   M V.Schlippe (PNPI) - CP nonconservation in physics of B-mesons.

10:30-11:20 M M.Polikarpov (ITEP, Moscow) - Calculations on the lattice with dynamical fermions.

11:30-12:20 M A.Beda (ITEP, Moscow) -An experiment on the measurement of neutrino magnetic moment at KNPP.
                    C A.Yung (PNPI) - D-branes and strings from flesh and blood.

12:30-13:20 M S.Semenov (RNC KI, Moscow) - Two-beta transitions of atomic nuclei.
                    C E.Akhmedov (ITEP, Moscow) - ABC of SUSY Yang-Mills and string theory on p-p wave background correspondence.

Evening session

15.00-15.50 M Yu.Gangrsky (JINR, Dubna) - Laser spectroscopy of light exotic nuclei.
                    C F.Smirnov (LPTHE, Paris) - An example of convergence of formfactor series for integrable models.

16:00-16:50 M V.Majorov (RNC KI, Moscow) - Studies of pion-pion scattering in inelastic pion-nucleon reactions.
                    C Yu.Stroganov (IHEP, Serpukhov) - Free fermion branches in some quantum spin models.

17:00-17:50 M V.Fedorov (PNPI) - Title to be announced.
                    C L.Lipatov (PNPI) - Resolution of the Baxter equation for reggeized gluon interactions.

18:00-18:50 C A.Gorsky (ITEP, Moscow) - Modern attacks on gauge/string correspondence.

Thursday, February 27

Morning session

9:30-10:20   M V.Schegelsky (PNPI) - Exclusive resonance prodaction with two photons collisions.

10:30-11:20 M A.Sarantsev (PNPI) - Systematics of mesons and baryons.

11:30-12:20 M S.Belostotsky (PNPI) - Status of HERMES experiment.
                    C C.Ktorides (Athens Univ., Greece) - A space-time approach to QCD using first
                                                                                quantization methodology and its applications.

12:30-13:20 M A.Potylitsin (TPSU, Tomsk) - Diffraction radiation and its application to non-invasive beam diagnostics.
                    C G.A.Anisovich (PNPI) - Radiative decays of mesons.

Evening session

15:00-15:50 M A.Frank (JINR, Dubna) - Phase modulation of neutron wave and neutron focusing in time.
                    C L.Frankfurt (Tel-Aviv Univ., PNPI) - Color transparency and color opacity phenomena at FNAL, HERA, LHC.

16:00-16:50 M A.Barabanov (RNC KI, Moscow) - Theoretical study of inelastic interaction of ultracold neutrons with matter (new results).
                    C V.Braun (PNPI) - Exclusive dijet production in QCD.

17:00-17:50 M G.Bunatian (JINR, Dubna) - Radiative corrections to the neutron beta-decay within Standard Model.
                    C P.V.Pobylitsa (PNPI) - Generalized parton distributions: how to reconcile positivity and polinomiality.

18:00-18:50 M V.Lyuboshitz (JINR, Dubna) - Effect of the relativistic spin rotation for one-particle and two-particle spin states.
                    C V.Petrov (PNPI) - Nucleon wave function.

Friday, February 28

Morning session

9:30-10:20    M I.Khriplovich (INP, Novosibirsk) - Quantum correction to the Schwarzshild metric.

10:30-11:20 M H.Abele (Heidelberg Univ., Germany) - Is the unitarity of the quark-mixing CKM matrix violated in neutron beta-decay?
                    C E.Drukarev (PNPI) - Atom physics: computer calculations or theoretical analysis?

11:30-12:20 M N.Shafer-Ray (Norman, Oklahoma, USA) -Chasing CP violation: first steps toward probing the dipol moment of the muon and electron.
                    C N.Mikheev (Yaroslavl Univ.) - Neutrino oscilllations in a plasma with an electromagnetic field..

12:30-13:20 M M.Auzinsh (Univ. of Latvia, Riga) - Recent atomic state mixing and level crossing experiments in a magnetic field.
                    C A.Gvozdev (Yaroslavl Univ.) - Neutrino effects in collapsars with strong magnetic field.

Evening session

15:00-15:50 M F.Goennenwein (Tuebingen Univ., Germany) - New data on quaternary fission of heavy nuclei by neutrons.
                    C S.Afonin (St.Petersburg Univ.) - Meson mass spectrum and OPE: matching to the large $N_c$ QCD.

16:00-16:50 M S.Kadmensky (VSU, Voronezh) - The mechanism of binary and ternary fission and P-even and P-odd asymmetries.
                    C A.Machavariani (JINR, Dubna) - Conformal symmetry in the momentum space and chiral lagrangians.

17:00-17:50 M N.Kornilov (PEI, Obninsk) - How many fission modes do exist?
                    C G.Danilov (PNPI) - Dependence on Grassman moduli and calculation of integrals for multiloop superstring amplitudes.

18:00-18:50 M A.Karchevsky (RNC KI) - I.K.Kikoin and researches of the stable isotopes separation.
                    C V.Kudryavtsev (PNPI) - Composite superstring model: spectrum of states and unitarity constraints for tree amplitudes.

Saturday, March 1

Morning session

9:30-10:20   M M.Vysotsky (ITEP, Moscow) - Elements of CKM matrix.

10:30-11:20 M M.Vysotsky (ITEP, Moscow) - Continuation

11:30-12:20 M D.Kazakov (JINR, Dubna) - Supersymmetric extension of the Standard model.

12:30-13:20 M B.Mamyrin (PTI, St.Petersburg) - Ratio of the weak coupling constant from beta-decay G_A/G_V
                                                                            determined by helium- isotop mass spectrometry method.
                   C V.Shaginyan (PNPI) - Transformation of a strongly correlated Fermi liquid in a normal Landau liquid
                                                          in weak magnetic fields.

Evening session

15:00-15:50 M V.Fedorov, V.Voronin (PNPI) - Status of the experiment on Laue diffraction method of a neutron EDM search.
                    C V.Markov (PNPI) - Bethe-Salpeter equation for meson quark-antiquark states.

16:00-16:50 M V.Ivanov (PSTU, St.Petersburg) - Collective effects in resonant negative ion negative
                                                                              ion photodetachment..
                    C E.Kuraev (JINR, Dubna) - Lepton pair production at heavy ions collisions.

17:00-17:50 M Yu.Petrov (PNPI) - Aluminium PIK with reduced uranium consumption.
                    C V.Vanyashin (Dnepropetrovsk Univ., Ukraine)- Self-induced decay of positronium Bose condensate.


Sunday, March 2

Morning session

10:00 - 10:50 M V.Lobashev (INR, Troitsk) - News from neutrino mass experiment at Troitsk.

11:00 - 11:50 M V.Gordeev (PNPI) - Rare muon decays. Experimental status.

11:50 - 12:10 C Closing of the School

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