Muon Chambers Department


Petersburg Nuclear Physics Institute

Current activity

    Currently,  the  MCD  activities are related to scientific research and experimental design work to the theme: "Development  of detector devices of muon  system superdirector LHCb" in  the framework of cooperation between  the  Russian  Federation with the European Organization  for Nuclear Research (CERN).

     As shown  by the  audit of the muon detector after stopping  in 2013. the  LHC accelerator the outer regions of the detector  is not equipped  with spare chambers M2R4, M2R3,  M3R3,  M4R2.   Chamders

last three types were made in Italy technology different from that used in PNPI. Experience has shown that our technology of making chambers more reliable  than Italian. Therefore, the LHCb collaboration decided to manufacture spare chambers with high reliability at PNPI. To date, under  the leadership of Bocin B. V. drawing of  these chambers  have   been  modified  for PNPI  technology.  It  is  planned  in December 2015, after receiving   component  parts  from  Italy (INFN) to undertake  the manufacture of

spare chambers increased reliability.     

     Employees of  HEPD   O. E. Maev  and   N. F.Bondar analyzed  the operation of  the  muon system in conditions of the expected increase by an order in luminosity of the Collider. It is shown that chambers of internal regions  M2R1,  M3R1,  M2R2,  M3R2 in  the conditions of  a  tenfold increase of background downloads will not work effectively. Therefore it is decided to replace existing chambers on chambers with a high granularity pad. Work on  the development of  technical documentation and the creation of laboratory samples of chambers with high granularity pad charged to MCD. Fabrication and testing of laboratory samples of these chambers is planned in 2016.

        In 2015.  at  MCD  for studying  performance  data  of  these  muon  chambers  it was completed the creation of specialized stands: the stand of control of homogeneity of gas gain with using a radioactive source and the stand of  measurement of  performance characteristics of  laboratory samples of  muon chambers with using the proton beam of the PNPI synchrocyclotron.

        Employees of  UMC, together   with  colleagues  of  the  Laboratory  of  Meson  physics involved in scientific experiments using drift chambers made in MCD.



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