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The main aim of the project is "A developing of a distributed Network of the knowledge Bases for a Research of fundamental Properties of the Matter and applied nuclear Physics". A short name for the project is "BAPHYS-96". For the details please see the information letter [Russian,koi8] sent 23Jan96 from the vice project leader Vladimir V. Korenkov. The project is going on with Fund for Basic Research (RFBR) funding. Project reference number in RFBR is 95-07-19502.

If you have a question or a suggestion dealing with the project please ask without any hesitation.

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Main BAPHYS page at Project Head Organization : Joint Institute for Nuclear Research (JINR/Dubna).
Other institutes :

Petersburg Nuclear Physics Institute (PNPI, St.Petersburg-Gatchina),
Research Institute of Nuclear Physics MSU (Moscow),
Institute for High Energy Physics (IHEP, Protvino),
Institute of Theoretical and Experimental Physics (ITEP, Moscow),
Institute for Nuclear Research (INR, Troitsk),
Institute for Nuclear Physics of the Siberian Division of RAN Novosibirsk)

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