Part 1


Status of experimental search for electric dipole moment of neutron (6).
Estimate of electric polarizability of neutron in Coulomb field of heavy nucleus (7).
Preliminary results of neutron lifetime measurements with gravitation UCN trap (9).
New measurements of electron-spin asymmetry (10).
Measurement of strong crystal electric field through Schwinger interaction of diffracted neutrons (12).
Status of experiments to search for P,T-violations in molecules (14).
First physics runs of L3 detector at LEP (15).
Measurement of production polarization and magnetic moment of teta hyperon (19).
Observation of Kminus--C atomic X-rays with crystal-diffraction spectrometer at 70 GeV IHEP accelerator (20).
Polarization in scattering of polarized protons on polarized proton target at 950 MeV (22).
Study of reaction pp-->pp*pi0 in energy region 600-900 MeV (24).
Measurement of spin rotation parameters R and A in pi*p elastic scattering in region of low-lying pion-nucleon resonances (25).
Study of deuteron structure in quasielastic break-up reaction pd-->ppn in complete kinematics at 1 GeV (27).
Measurement of polarization parameters for reaction dp--ppn in complete kinematics (28).
Test of charge symmetry in (pi+/-d)-elastic scattering at Tpi=417 MeV energy (30).
Search for narrow dibaryon resonances in deuteron break-up reaction pd-->ppn at 1 GeV in complete kinematics experiment (31).
Hyperon radiative decays (33).
Charmed baryon production in FNAL hyperon beam (35).
Heavy quark physics at UNK (36).
Neutrino laboratory at Rovno Electric Power Station (38).
Ultralow background experimental set-up for Ge-76 double-beta decay search (40).
Hydrogen laser streamer chamber (41).

Part 2


Radiative corrections to the axial anomaly (46).
Covariantly homogeneous classical solutions in nonlinear g-models (46).
Ward's identities and calculation of multiloop amplitudes in string theory (47).
Hierarchy of masses for fermion generations (48)
Chiral theory of nucleons (49).
Threshold behaviour of heavy top production (50).
Long distance behaviour of supersymmetric QCD and Debye screening in instanton vacuum (51).

Part 3


Investigation of electromagnetic moments and charge radii of short-lived rare-earth nuclides with atomic laser spectroscopy (54).
Beta-strength functions for decay of 11/2minus-state in 147mTb,149/67Ho,151/67Ho and superfluid characteristics in Z=64, N=82 region (55).
Direct mass measurements of neutron-rich rubidium isotopes (56).
Search for delayed fission in neutron-rich nuclei and cosmochronology (57).
Quasi-elastic proton scattering on 28Si and 34S at 1.0 GeV (58).
Measurement of parity violation in reaction 6Li(n,alfa) 3H with polarized neutrons (61).
Left-right asymmetry of light fragment emission in 239Pu fission by transversally polarized neutrons with energies 0.03<=En<=8 eV (63).
Investigation of p-resonance properties in slow neutron fission of 235U (64).
Experiment for direct measurement of final sticking w, in muon catalyzed dt-fusion (66).
The experimental investigation of muon catalyzed dd- and pd- fusion (68).
Measurements of l GeV proton fission cross sections for heavy nuclei (70).
Formation mechanisms for massive fragments produced in relativistic proton interaction with heavy nuclei (71).
Kinematical analysis of products of ternary fission (72).
Differential cross section of reactions 7Li(gamma,t) 4He, 7Li(gamma,t)X and 7Li(gamma,He)X, initiated by virtual photons with energy Egamma=40+/-2 MeV (74).
Low-lying 128I excited states from (n,gamma)-reaction (76).
Search for correlated groups of particles produced in interactions of neon-22 nucleus with nuclei in photoemulsion (77).
Few-nucleon effects in binding energies of nuclei (78).
Study of hydrogen isotope adsorption by synthetic zeolites in extended temperature range (79).
Synthesis and analysis of iodine-123 labelled w-iodoundecanoic and w-iodopentadecanoic acids (80).
LNPI synchrocyclotron proton beams in stereotactic radiosurgery practice (82).

Part 4


P-odd effects in grounu state hyperfine transitions of hydrogen,potassium and caesium (84).
Violation of time-invariance in atomic physics (84).
Scattering of mesic atoms on molecular hydrogen targets at low energies (85).
Two-level adiabatic approximation calculation for reaction of isotope exchange of metastable mesic atom and hydrogen atom (86).
Formation of hydrogen mesic molecules at moderate gas density (87).
Effects of quark statistics on charge form factor of 4He nucleus (88).
Shape coexistence and radii of transitional nuclei (90).

Part 5


On the nature of two-dimensional short-range ordering in YBa2,Cu3O7-delta (94).
Search for magnetic fluctuations in superconducting La1.83Sr0.17CuO4 by polarized neutron scattering (96).
Peculiarities in temperature dependence of structural parameters of high-Tc 1--2--3 superconductor based on samarium zero-matrix (97).
Small-angle neutron scattering and fractal properties of superconducting ceramics YBa2,Cu3O7-delta (99).
Magnetic properties of La--Sr--Cu--O superconductor at small magnetic fields (101).
Study of mixed state of YBa2,Cu3,O6.9 superconducting ceramics by method of thermal neutron depolarization (102)
Investigation of superconductivity and magnetism in ceramic YBa2,Cu3O6+x sample (104).
Anisotropy of magnetic properties of textured superconductor Bi2Sr2CaCu2O8-delta (106).
The investigations the low-field critical state in the ceramic Y--Ba--Cu--0 (108).
On voltage fluctuations in resistive state of superconducting Y--Ba--Cu--0 ceramics (110).
Mossbauer study of 129I in high Tc superconductor YBa2Cu3O6Ix (111).
129I Mossbauer study of the organic superconductor beta*--(BEDT-TTF)2I3 (113).
Electronic structure of copper in high-temperature superconducting ceramics (115).
Double 4f-collapse at phase isomorphic transition in Ce0.9-xYbxTh0.1 (116).
Aberration-free diffraction-grating neutron interferometer (118).
Search for ferromagnetic ordering in liquid 3He by polarized neutrons (119).
Neutron diffraction study of martensite transformation in Fe--Ni--C alloys (120).
Role of intrinsic point defects in creation of deep level defects (122).
Equivalent states of muonium and implanted hydrogen in silicon (124).
Microscopic nature of lithium interaction with acceptor-type defects in silicon (125).
Use of electron-positron annihilation in studies of extended defects of disordered regions type in Ge and Si (127).
Electroneutrality principle and conductance tluctuations in solutions of strong electrolytes (128).
Detector system for high resolution diffractometer of ((SFINKS))-type (129).
Magnetic and neutron diffraction study of the reentrant temperature transition ((Heisenberg antiferromagnetic-spin glass)) (131).
Theory of antiferromagnetic spin glasses and strongly disordered antiferromagnets (132).
Theory of nonergodicity and nonequilibrium properties of structural and spin glasses in quantum case (133).
Passage of polarized neutrons through magnetic media (134).
Neutron mirror superpolariser: principle and calculation (134).
Specification of redox process part in electrochromism of lanthanide diphtalocyanines (136).

Part 6


Thermodynamics of translocation and functional role of E site (140).
Puromycin reaction at A site of 70S ribosomes (141).
New structures of oxidized dextranes (143).
Study of 5-hydroxydihydrouracil formation at polyU radiolysis (143).
Investigation of radiation induced exidation of thiol compounds in aqueous solutions (145).
Biotic and environmental stability (147).
Modified method of purification of thermophilic polynucleoride phosphorylase retaining its phos-phorolytic activity after immobilization (148).