Winter School of PNPI
25th muSR-seminar
1-5 of march. Repino, St.Peterburg

   Organizing committee

Gorelkin Vladimir Nikolaevich (MIPT, Moscow) - Chairman
Baturin Andrew Sergeevich (MIPT, Moscow)
Gordeev Viktor Aleksandrovich (PNPI)
Getalov Alexandr Leonidovich (PNPI)
Eschenko Dmitry Georgievich (INR)
Mamedov Tair Nagievich (JINR, Dubna)
Ponomarev Alexandr Nikolaevich (RRC KI, Moscow)

   Program committee

Gorelkin Vladimir Nikolaevich (MIPT, Moscow)
Zhukov Vasilij Alexandrovich (JINR, Dubna)
Koptev Vladimir Petrovich (PNPI)
Kuten Semen Adamovich (SRINP BSU, Minsk)
Smilga Voldemar Perovich (RRC KI, Moscow)
Suleimanov Nail Muratovich (ZPTI RAS, Kazan)

The Preliminary program:

  1. L.A. Maksimov (SRC KI, Moscow, Russia)
    Modern problems of solid state physics (overview)
  2. E.P. Krasnoperov (SRC KI, Moscow, Russia)
    New objects for investigation by SR method
  3. T.N. Mamedov, A.V. Stoikov (JINR, Dubna, Russia) D. Herlah, U. Zimmerman (PSI, Switzerland)
    Measurement of g-factor for muon in 1S state of heavy atoms
  4. T.N. Mamedov, D.G. Andrianov, A.V. Stoikov, V.A. Zhukov (JINR, Dubna, Russia) D. Herlah, U. Zimmerman (PSI, Switzerland) V.N. Gorelkin (MIPT, Dolgoprudny)
    Investigation of acceptor center relaxation in unidirectional stressed silicon monocrystal
  5. T.N. Mamedov, D.G. Andrianov, A.V. Stoikov, V.A. Zhukov (JINR, Dubna, Russia) D. Herlah, U. Zimmerman (PSI, Switzerland) V.N. Gorelkin (MIPT, Dolgoprudny)
    Application of negative muons to study acceptor centers in diamond and silicon carbide
  6. V.Egorov (SRC KI, Moscow), G.Solt, C.Baines, D.Herlach, U.Zimmermann (PSI, Switzerland)
    Investigation of In single crystal by SR
  7. L.M. Fisher, I.F. Voloshin, A.V. Kalinov (AEI, Moscow, Russia)
    New achievements in investigation of manganites
  8. G.V. Scherbakov, V.P. Kotov (PNPI RAS, Gatchina)
    Investigation of internal field in PdFeMn by SR method
  9. V.G. Ivochkin (PNPI RAS, Gatchina)
    Application of avalanche flat-parallel detectors for SR research
  10. V.A. Gordeev (PNPI RAS, Gatchina)
    New setup for SR2 investigations
  11. I.V. Bondarev (INP BSU, Minsk, Belarus)
    Delocalized positronium as a probe for second order structural phase transitions in crystalline dielectrics
  12. A.S. Mischenko (AIST, Japan; SRC KI, Moscow, Russia), N. Nagaosa (AIST & University of Tokyo, Japan), N.V. Prokofiev (University of Massachusetts, USA), B.V. Svistunov (University of Massachusetts, USA; SRC KI, Moscow , Russia), A. Sakamoto (University of Tokyo, USA), E.A. Burovski (SRC KI, Moscow, Russia)
    Few Quasiparticles in Bathes of Elementary Excitations: Exact Numeric Solution
  13. T.V. Elzhov (JINR, Dubna, Russia), V.Yu. Pomjakushin (JINR, Dubna, Russia; PSI, Switzerland), A.M. Balagurov (JINR, Dubna, Russia), D.V. Sheptiakov (JINR, Dubna, Russia)
    Magnetic disorder effects in A2MnGaO5+y (A = Sr,Ca) oxides with layered brownmillerite-type structure
  14. V.N. Gorelkin, A.S. Baturin (MIPT, Moscow)
    "Quantum computations" on Al acceptor in silicon
  15. V.N. Gorelkin, A.S. Baturin, A.M. Konchakov, V.S. Rastunkov, V.R. Soloviev (MIPT, Moscow)
    Analytical calculations and 2D computer simulation of muon track time evolution
  16. V.I. Matveev, M.K. Eseev (PSU, Arhangelsk, Russia)
    Some features in ionization cross-section for collision of fast mesoatom and two-atoms molecule
  17. S.F.J. Cox, N.M. Suleimanov (ISIS, ??????????????)
    Observation of muonium in tellurium

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