Program of XXXVIII PNPI Winter School on nuclear and particle physics.

Preliminary Program of XXXVIII PNPI Winter School on Nuclear and Particle Physics and X St.Petersburg School on Theoretical Physics (St.Petersburg, Repino, February 23 - 29, 2004)
  1. Anisovich V.V. (PNPI) - Status of meson spectroscopy.
  2. Anisovich A.V. (Univ.Bonn, Germany) - Partial wave analysis of the one and two neutral meson photoproduction data.
  3. Azimov Ya.I. (PNPI) - Status of neutrino oscillations.
  4. Baryshevsky V.G. (INP, Minsk) - Time reversal violating generation of static magnetic and electric field and a problem of electric dipole moment measurement.
  5. Belavin A.A. (ITP, Chernogolovka) - Calculation of correlation functions in perturbated models of conformal quantum field theory.
  6. Belostotsky S.L. (PNPI; DESY, Hamburg, Germany) - Status of HERMES experiment.
  7. Bickman S. (Yale University, USA) - Search for the PNC effects in molecules (mainly PbO experiment).
  8. Cahn S. (Yale University, USA) - Anapole moments in diatomic molecules.
  9. Ezhov V.F. (PNPI) - Storage of the UCN in the permanent magnet trap.
  10. Furman V.I. (JINR, Dubna) - The 234U and 236U nuclei near threshold fission and a structure of fission barrier. Preliminary results of the CERN -TOF neutron soyrce experiment.
  11. Gnedin Yu.N. (GAO, Pulkovo, St.Petersburg) - The Universe at high cosmological redshift: Observations and Theoretical models- The link with Particle Physics.
  12. Gordeev V.A. (PNPI) - Status of FAMILON project.
  13. Gustafson G. (Lund Univ., Sweden) - Hadronic collisions in the linked dipole chain model.
  14. Hanappe F. (Univ. Libre de Bruxelles, Belgium) - Neutron emission in fusion-fission reaction.
  15. Ivanov V.K. (PSTU, St.Petersburg) - Metallic clusters: structure and photoabsorption.
  16. Ignatovich V.K.(JINR, Dubna) - Optical potential and neutron stars.
  17. Kadmensky S.G. (VSU, Voronezh) - Dynamics and coherent effects for ternary fission.
  18. Khriplovich I.B. (INP, Novosibirsk) - Quantum long-range correction to gravitational effects.
  19. Kim V.T. (PNPI) - Comparison of BFKL theory with experimental data.
  20. Klapdor-Kleingrothaus H.V. (Max Planck Institute, Heidelberg,Germany) - Absolute neutrino mass after the first evidence for neutrinoless beta decay.
  21. Klapdor-Kleingrothaus H.V. (Max Planck Institute, Heidelberg, Germany) - Implications of double beta decay for exotic physics.
  22. Kornilov N.V. (PEI, Obninsk) - Fission modes of heavy nuclei.
  23. Kotikov A.V. (JINR, Dubna) - Difference equations : evaluation of complicated Feynman diagrams.
  24. Krivosheina I. (Max Planck Institute, Heidelberg, Germany) - Status of the project GENIUS-TF for dark matter seach.
  25. Kudryavtsev V.A. (PNPI) - Minimal composite superstring model: spectrum of physical states and unitarity.
  26. Kudryavtsev V.A. (PNPI) - Hagedorn temperature and anomal behaviour of thermodynamic functions at high temperatures.
  27. Lipatov L.N. (PNPI) - BFKL - pomeron in the thermostat.
  28. Lobashev V.M. (INR, Troitsk) - Status of neutrino mass measurement.
  29. Lyuboshitz V.L. (JINR, Dubna) - Pair correlations at small relative momenta in nuclear and particle physics.
  30. Markov V.N., Nikonov V.A. (PNPI) - Bethe-Salpeter equation for meson states.
  31. Markov V.N., Nikonov V.A. (PNPI) - Surface effects in QED.
  32. Mikheev N.V. (YSU, Yaroslavl) - Photon splitting in strong magnetic field.
  33. Mikheev N.V. (YSU, Yaroslavl) - Neutrino oscillations in plasma and weak electromagnetic field.
  34. Mitropol'sky I.A. (PNPI) - Systematics as a new method of the nuclear data processing.
  35. Nikitin V.A. (JINR, Dubna) - Observation of narrow baryon resonance in pK_0 system (pentaquark) in pA interactions at U-70 with SVD-2 setup.
  36. Nasonov N.N. (BSU, Belgorod) - Peculiarities in the low energy bremsstrahlung from fast electrons moving through a dense medium.
  37. Oganessian Yu.Ts. (JINR, Dubna) - Syntesis of the new elements. Alfa-decay and spontaneous fission of the superheavy nuclei (Z=114, 116, 118).
  38. Patarakin O.O. (RNC KI, Moscow) - Studies of pion-pion scattering in inelastic pion-nucleon reactions.
  39. Perekrestenko A.D. (INR, Troitsk) - Up-to-date status of lead neutron slowing down spectrometry.
  40. Petrov G.A. (PNPI) - Search for P-odd and T-noninvariant effects in nuclear fission.
  41. Petrov V.Yu. (PNPI) - Exotics of hadron spectrum. Pentaquark states.
  42. Pik-Pichak G.A. (RNC KI, Moscow) - The properties of the heavy fissioning nuclei.
  43. Popeko L.A. (PNPI) - Status of neutrino experiment at Krasnoyarsk underground reactor.
  44. Popov A.B. (JINR, Dubna) - The mean square charge radius of neutron and (n,e)-interaction. A status problem and proposals of new experiments.
  45. Potylitsyn A.P. (TPSU, Tomsk) - Optical diffraction radiation and nondisturbance diagnostic of relativistic.
  46. Ryskin M.G. (PNPI) - Saturation of density of partons: Balitsky-Kovchegov equation in conformal functions.
  47. Ryskin M.G. (PNPI) - Double diffractive production of Higgs bosons in MSSM.
  48. Sarantsev A.V. (PNPI) - Systematics of baryon resonances.
  49. Schegelsky V.A. (PNPI) - Observation of the second nonet of tensor mesons with L3 experiment.
  50. Schegelsky V.A. (PNPI) - Four quark states and isospin invariance in the exclusive final state of 4 pions produce by gamma-gamma collisions with L3 experiment.
  51. Semenov S.V. (RNC KI, Moscow) - Two-stage model of the Supernova collapse.
  52. Shabelsky Yu.M. (PNPI) - Methods of high energy physics in nuclear physics.
  53. Shaginyan V.R. (PNPI) - Universal behaviour of heavy-fermion metals at the quantum critical point.
  54. Shibanov Yu.A. (PTI, St.Petersburg) - Gamma busters and their origin.
  55. Stroganov Yu. (IHEP, Protvino) - 2-dimensional ice model with different boundary conditions.
  56. Sumachev V.V. (PNPI) - New experimental facets of the \piN-interaction investigations in the resonance region.
  57. Tchuvilsky Yu.M. (NPI MSU, Moscow) - Alpha-particle condensate in nuclear matter at normal density and statistics of composite bosons.
  58. Uraltsev N.G.(INFN, PNPI) - Recent progress in the heavy quark expansion for B-mesons.
  59. Varshalovich D.A. (PTI, St.Petersburg) - Cosmology: experiment and theory.
  60. Velizhanin V.N. (PNPI) - Breaking of conformal invariance of evolution equations in supersymmetric Yang-Mills theories.
  61. Vesna V.A. (PNPI) - Search for the weak neutral current in the cold polarized neutrons interaction with light nuclei.
  62. Voronin V.V. (PNPI) - Test experiment for search for the neutron EDM by the crystal-diffraction method.
  63. Vysotsky M.I. (ITEP, Moscow) - Modern status of discrepancies of electroweak precision data.
  64. Yakovlev D.G. (PTI, St.Petersburg) - Pulsars in relativistic orbits.
  65. Yung A.V.(PNPI) - Confinement in supersymmetric gauge theories.
  66. Yung A.V.(PNPI) - Localization of non-Abelian gauge fields on domain walls in N=2 QCD. D-brane prototypes.

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