Annual Winter School

of St.Petersburg Nuclear Physics Institute

Program of XXXIX PNPI Winter School on Nuclear and Particle Physics
(St.Petersburg, Repino, February 14 - 20, 2005)


Baranov V.A., Kuchinsky N.A. (JINR, Dubna) - PIBETA 
spectrometer and pion beta-decay measurements. 

Baryshevsky V.G. (INP, Minsk)- Spin rotation and spin 
dichroism of deuterons passed through nonpolarized target. 

Chernin A.D. (MSU, Moscow) - Cosmology: dark sector.

Dzheparov F.S. (ITEP, Moscow) - Random walks in disordered
media with dipole transport.

Ezhov V.F. (PNPI)- EDM of electron and P-,T-violation 
in molecules.

Frank A.I. (JINR, Dubna) - Neutron diffraction on a moving 
grating as a non stationary quantum phenomenon. 

Furman V.I. (JINR, Dubna) - A progress in preparation of 
the experiment for direct measurement of neutron-neutron 
scattering at YAGUAR reastor in Snezhinsk.

Gnedin Yu.N. (GAO, St.Petersburg)- Dark matter problem for
 the Universe and physics of  elementary particles.

Gonnenwein F (Univ. of Tubingen, Germany) - Nuclear 
fission modes.  

Gordeev V.A. (PNPI) - The MuSR-method investigations in 
physics and interdisciplinary sciences.

Harigel Gert G. (CERN, Geneva) - Progress in U.S. 
National missile defense

Ignatovich V.K. (JINR, Dubna) - Contradictions
 of the quantum scattering theory.

Isakov V.I. (PNPI) - Isospin dependence of the mean 
nuclear spin-orbit field.

Kadmensky S.G. (VSU, Voronezh) - Quantum and thermodynamical
characteristics of nuclear fission. New point of view.

Khriplovich I.B. (INP, Novosibirsk) - Electric dipole 
moments at ion storage rings. 

Lobashev V.M. (INR, Troitsk; PNPI) - Status of experiments
on neutrino mass measurments.

Matyshev A.A. (SPbSTU, St.Petersburg) -  Nobel prize 
in physics - 1905.
Mitropolsky I.A. (PNPI) - The nuclear isomer phenomenon 
and possibilities of its practical application.

Nasonov N.N., Zhukova P.(BSU, Belgorod) - Competition  
between contributions of bremsstrahlung and quasicherenkov 
radiation from relativistic electrons moving through 
a aligned crystal.

Nikitin V.A. (JINR, Dubna) - The first three years at RHIC. 
The overview.  

Pervushin V.N. (JINR, Dubna) - Quantum cosmological origin
of universes.
Petrov V.Yu (PNPI)- Exotics of hadron spectrum. 
Pentaquark states. 

Petrov Yu.V. (PNPI) - Oklo reactor and cosmological change 
of fine structure constant.

Sadler M.F. (Abilene Christian Univ., USA) - Pion-nucleon
partial-wave analysis in the N^*(1440) resonance region.

Sarantsev A.V. (PNPI) - Tensor glueboll.

Shibanov Yu.A. (PTI, St.Petersburg) - Neutron stars and 
their observations.

Serebrov A.P. (PNPI) - Precise measurement of neutron 
lifetime with gravitational trap of ultracold neutrons.

Serebrov A.P. (PNPI) - Problem of UCN anomalous loses
and its solution.

Tchuvil'sky Yu.M. (SINP, MSU, Moscow) - Multicluster states 
in nuclei and alpha-particle condensation.

Titov A.V., Mosyagin N.S., Petrov A.N., Isaev T.A. (PNPI) - 
Two-step method and calculation of P,T-parity violation 
effects in polar heavy-atom molecules.

Toporkov D.K. (INP, Novosibirsk) - Electron scattering
 by polarized deuteron.

Tsinoev V.G. (RNC KI, Moscow) - Search for the right currents 
in electron capture by polarized nuclei. 

Zakharov V.I. (MPI,Muenich) - Confinement after 30 years.

Voronin V.V. (PNPI) - Effects of neutron spin rotation
in a noncentrosymmetric crystal.

Yakovlev D.G., Gusakov M.E., Levenfish (PTI, St.Petersburg) - 
Non-equilibrium weak interaction processes in neutron stars.