Winter School of PNPI
Reactor Physics and Technology
20- 24 of february 2001. Repino, St.Peterburg.

Organizing committee

Kir Konoplev
Chairman of the section
4- 67-35
Dong Tchmshkyan
4- 64-12, 52-16

Preliminary program

K.A.Konoplev (PNPI, Gatchina)
R&D of Reactor Physics and Technology Division

V.V.Orlov (RDIPE, Moscow)
BREST Reactor

V.A.Nasonov (RNC KI, Moscow)
IR-8 Reactor

V.A.Nasonov (RNC KI, Moscow)
Decrease of Fuel Enrichment in WWR-S Reactor (Tashkent)

Yu.A.Korovin (IATE, Obninsk)
Problem of Nuclear Waste

N.D.Lukin (Obninsk branch of KIPC)
WWR-TS Reactor

Yu.V.Petrov (PNPI, Gatchina)
Aluminum PIK Reactor with Reduced Fuel Consumption

G.I.Hotjashov and L.S.Mel'nikov (BINM, Moscow)
Development of Universal Fuel Element for Research Reactors