Annual Winter School

of St.Petersburg Nuclear Physics Institute

Program of XI St.Petersburg School on Theoretical Physics
(St.Petersburg, Repino, February 14 - 20, 2005)


Anisovich A.V. (PNPI) - New barion resonances in 
gamma-p reactions.

Bartels J.W. (DESY, Germany) - Next-to-leading corrections
to the virtual photon impact factor.

Bogdan A.V. (INP, Novosibirsk) - Proving the Regge form of 
amplitude for processes with quark.

Braun V.M. (Regensburg Univ., Germany) - B-meson 
distribution amplitude in QCD: facts and fancy.

Bystritsky Yu. (JINR, Dubna) - Radiative corrections to 
pi e2 decay and search of tensor fields.

Bytev V. (JINR, Dubna) - Radiative corrections to chiral 
amplitudes in quasiperipherical kinematics.

Danilov G.S., Lipatov L.N. - BFKL- pomeron in the 
string model.

Fadin V.S. (INP, Novosibirsk) -Non-forward BFKL at NLO.

Gnedin Yu.N. (GAO, St.Petersburg)- Dark matter problem for
 the Universe and physics of  elementary particles.

Isakov V.I. (PNPI) - Isospin dependence of the mean 
nuclear spin-orbit field.

Jenkovszky L.L. (ITP, Kiev) - Generalized parton 
distributions, analicity and crossing.

Khriplovich I.B.(INP, Novosibirsk) - Quantization of the 
horizon, correspondence principle and holographic limit.

Kim V.T. (PNPI) - Higgs production via singl-Pomeron
exchange at LHC.

Kirschner R.(Leipzig Univ., Germany) - Symmetric reggeon 
interactions in perturbative QCD.

Kokoulina E.S., Nikitin V.A.(JINR,Dubna) - Multiparticle 
prodaction study by Gluon Dominance Model.  

Kudryavtsev V.A.(PNPI) -  Minimal composite superstring 
model: new symmetries, critical intercept and dimension.

Kuraev E.A., Cherednikov I (JINR, Dubna), Antonov E.N, 
Lipatov L.N (PNPI) - Feynman diagrams for the effective
field theory at high energies in QCD.

Lipatov L.N.(PNPI) - Solution of Balitsky-Kovchegov 
equation in three-dimensional Yang-Mills theory

Lipatov L.N., Volkov G., Velizhanin V.N.(PNPI),
Sabio Vera A.(ITP, Hamburg, Germany) -  
Calabi-Yau spaces,applications and classification.

Marshakov A.V. (Lebedev Inst., ITEP, Moscow)- Geometry of 
matrix models and AdS/CFT correspondence.

Mironov A.D. (ITEP, Moscow) - Mini black holes and 

Nikolaev N.N. (Inst. Kernphysik, Juelich, Germany) -
pQCD description of nuclear collisions: farewell to

Onischenko A.I. (PNPI) - Integrability in supersymmetric 
Yang-Mills theories.

Ovanesyan G. (MPTI, Moscow)  -Difference of epsilon_k 
values and value of the parameter B_k.

Pervushin V.N. (JINR, Dubna) - Quantum cosmological origin
of universes.
Petrov V.Yu (PNPI)- Exotics of hadron spectrum. 
Pentaquark states. 

Pobylitsa P.V. (PNPI, Ruhr Univ., Bohum) - Baryon wave 
function at large N_c. 

Ryskin M.G. (PNPI) - Simultaneous analysis of diffractive 
and inclusive DIS HERA data. 

Sabio Vera A. (ITP, Hamburg, Germany) - Towards NLO 
phenomenology in the Regge limit of QCD.

Sarantsev A.V. (PNPI) - Tensor glueboll.

Zakharov V.I. (MPI,Muenich) - Confinement after 30 years.

Zakharov V.I. (MPI, Muenich) -  Lattice strings.

Vacca G.P. (INFN, Italy) - Pomeron and odderon vertices 
in perturbative QCD.

Velizhanin V.N. (PNPI) - NLO BFKL and DGLAP equations
in supersymmetric Yang-Mills theories.

Yakovlev D.G., Gusakov M.E., Levenfish (PTI, St.Petersburg) - 
Non-equilibrium weak interaction processes in neutron stars.