Annual Winter School

of St.Petersburg Nuclear Physics Institute

Preliminary Program of the XLII PNPI Winter School
on Nuclear and Particle Physics and XIV St.Petersburg School on Theoretical Physics
St.Petersburg, Repino, February 18 - February 23, 2008

                (M-Music hall; C-Cinema hall)
    Monday, February 18
    15:00-15:10  M       Opening of the School
    15:10-16:00  M        Yu.N.Gnedin (GAO, Pulkovo, St.Petersburg). (2 hours) -
                                      Cosmic microwave background  and Standard cosmological model :
                                      Consequences for particle physics.
    16:10-16:50  M        Yu.N.Gnedin -  Continuation
     17:00–17:50  M       D.A. Varshalovich (Ioffe Institute, St.Petersburg) -
                                      Primordial nucleosynthesis and HD/H_2 molecular clouds at high
    18:10-18:50  M        A.V.Ivanchik  (PTI,St.Petersburg) -
                                     Modern status of cosmic microwave background.
    Tuesday, February 19
    Morning session
     9:30-10:20  M        A.A.Vorobyov (PNPI) – Measurement of the muon capture 
                                  rate  in Hydrogen gas and determination of the proton’s
                                  preudoscalar coupling g_p
    10:30-11:20  M        A.B.Kaidalov (ITEP,Moscow)-  New forms of QCD-matter and 
                                    heavy ions collisions. (2 hours)
    11:30-12:20  M        A.B.Kaidalov (ITEP,Moscow)- Continuation
    12:30-13:20  M        V.A.Nikitin   (JINR, Dubna) -
                                   Status of NICA project – JINR heavy ions collider.
    Evening session
    15:00-15:50  M       N.G..Uraltsev (PNPI)-
                                    Heavy quark mass expansion in B-particles decays.            
    16:00-16:50  M       A.Likhoded  (IHEP, Moscow) –
                                   Baryons with two heavy quarks.
    17:00-17:50  M       Ya.I.Azimov  (PNPI) -  Mechanism for exotic hadrons production
    18:00-18:50  M       V.A.Schegelsky (PNPI) –
                                   An optimization of top quark events selection at LHC
    Wednesday, February 20
    Morning session
     9:30-10:20  M      S. Fomin (Akhiezer Institute for Theoretical Physics
                                  NSC KIPT, Kharkov, Ukraine ) -
                                  The Landau-Pomeranchuk –Migdal effect. theory and experiment
                                  (To the 100th Anniversary of L.D. Landau)
    10:30-11:20  M      M.G.Ryskin (PNPI) - 
                                   Diffraction processes at high energies. (2 hours)
    11:30-12:20  M      M.G.Ryskin (PNPI) - Continuation
    12:30-13:20  M      I.B. Khriplovich (Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics, Siberian 
                                  Branch of RAS, Novosibirsk) –  Can one detect passage of small
                                  black hole through the Earth?
    Evening session
    15.00-15.50  M      M.V.Dolgopolov (Samara State University) -
                                       Features of baryogenesis and phase transitions in the models 
                                       with extended Higgs sector
                 C      D.I.Diakonov  (PNPI)-  Dyons and confinement. (3 hours)
    16:00-16:50  M      N.F. Shul’ga (Akhiezer Institute for Theoretical Physics of the 
                                     NSC KIPT, Kharkov, Ukraine) -  Dynamical chaos and other 
                                     phenomena at the motion of fast charged particles in crystals
                 C      D.I.Diakonov  (PNPI)-  Continuation
    17:00-17:50  M      V.F.Ezhov (PNPI)- Title to be announced
                 C      D.I.Diakonov  (PNPI)-  Continuation
    18:00-18:50  M      A.V. Titov, N.S.Mosyagin, A.N.Petrov (PNPI) -
                                 Precision calculations of  compounds of heavy  elements. 
                 C      Yu. M. Pismak (St. Petersburg State Univ.) –
                                       Interaction  of  QED  fields   with macroscopic material objects.
    Thursday, February 21
    Morning session
     9:30-10:20  M.      A.P.Serebrov (PNPI) – Search  of  mirror dark  matter  in 
                                    laboratory  experiment   with  ultracold neutrons.
    10:30-11:20  M       B.O.Kerbikov (ITEP, Moscow) –
                                    Neutron-mirror neutron oscillations in a trap.
    11:30-12:20  M       A.L. Barabanov (RRC “Kurchatov Institute”, Moscow) -
                                   Symmetries and spin-angular correlations in (n, n), (n, gamma) 
                                    and (n, f) reactions
    12:30-13:20  M       G.B.Danilyan  ( ITEP, Moscow) -  Research of  spectrum of  trigger 
                                    gamma-quanta  of ROT- effect  in   U(235) (n, gamma f) – process.
    Evening session
    15:00-15:50  M       Yu.M. Tchuvilsky (SINP of Moscow State University ) – 
                                    Study of PT-noninvariance in correlations of gamma-quanta 
                                     produced by neutron beams
                 C       L.N.Lipatov  (PNPI) - Anomal dimension of twist-two 
                                  operators in N=4 SUSY and wrapping effect.
    16:00-16:50  M       S.G. Kadmensky (Voronezh State University) -
                                    The P-odd, P-even and T-odd correlations for ternary 
                                     fission of nuclei-actinides 
                 C        L.N.Lipatov  (PNPI) - Analytical propeties of the 
                                    Bern-Dixon-Smirnov amplitudes of scattering of gluons.
    17:00-17:50  M        F.F.Karpeshin (Fock Institute of Physics, St. Petersburg State University) -
                                     Right-left asymmetry of radiation from fission fragments
                 C        Oleg Teryaev  (JINR, Dubna)- Spin structure of hadrons in QCD and its 
    18:00-18:50  M        E.S.Kokoulina (JINR, Dubna) – The collective phenomena searching 
                                    at extreme multiplicities.
                 C        A.L. Kataev (INR, Moscow), V.T.Kim (PNPI) –
                                    Higgs boson decay into bottom quarks:
                                    estimations of uncertainties for QCD predictions
    Friday, February 22
    Morning session
     9:30-10:20  M       D.K. Toporkov (Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics, 
                                   Siberian Branch of RAS, Novosibirsk) - Two photon exchange
                                     contribution in elastic e-p/e+p scattering. Status of the experiment
    10:30-11:20  M       A.G.Beda (ITEP, Moscow) - The First result on the Neutrino 
                                    Magnetic Moment Measurement at the GEMMA Experiment
    11:30-12:20  M       A.I. Frank (JINR, Dubna) -  New quantum gravity experiment
    12:30-13:20  M       D. Kustov (JINR, Dubna) - New optical effect firstly observed in
                                     neutron îđtical experiment
    Evening session
    15:00-15:50  M      M.G.Kozlov (PNPI) -  Use of  ultra high frequence spectra of
                                  quasars  for  research of fundamental constants. 
                 C      V.A.Saleev (Samara Univ.)-  Reggeized quarks amplitudes in heavy 
                                     quark production processes.
    16:00-16:50  M      I.A.Mitropolsky (PNPI) - On frequency of occurrence of significant
                                   digits in nuclear data
                 C      Emil Akhmedov  (ITEP, Moscow)-
                                     On the physical meaning of the Unruh effect
    17:00-17:50  M      P.Zh.Aslanyan ( JINR, Dubna; Yerevan State Univ.) – 
                                  Observation of S=+1 narrow resonances in the system K^0_sp
                                   from p+C_3H_8 collision at 10 GeV/c
                 C      V.A.Kudryavtsev (PNPI) -  Extended superconformal Virasoro 
                                     symmetry for composite strings and quark flavours.
    Saturday, February 23
    Morning session
     9:30-10:20  M        V.R.Shaginyan (PNPI) - Universal behaviour of 
                                      two-dimensional He^3 at low temperatures.
    10:30-11:20  M        A.A.Matyshev (SPbSTU, St.Petersburg) – 
                                   Nobel prizes in phisics and chemistry – 1908
    11:30-11:40  M        Closing the School