Annual Winter School

of St.Petersburg Nuclear Physics Institute

Program and time-table of the XLI PNPI Winter School on Nuclear and Particle Physics and XIII St.Petersburg School on Theoretical Physics
(St.Petersburg, Repino, February 19 - February 24, 2007)

                (M-Music hall; C-Cinema hall)
    Monday, February 19
    15:00-15:10  M       Opening of the School
    15:10-16:00  M       V.N.Lukash (FIAN, Moscow) –
                         Cosmology from  initial conditions to late Universe.
    16:10-17:00  M       Yu.N.Gnedin (GAO, Pulkovo, St.Petersburg) -
                         Modern astrophysics and particle physics:
                         new zones of intersection.
    17:10-18:00  M       D.A.Varshalovich (PTI, St.Petersburg)-   Modern status 
                         of astronomic observations of cosmological  variations
                         of ratio  of proton and electron masses.
    18:10-19:00  M       A.A.Grib (RGPU, St.Petersburg)  -
                         Superheavy particles and  the dark matter problem. 
    Tuesday, February 20
    Morning session
     9:30-10:20  M      A.B.Kaidalov (ITEP, Moscow) -
                        Nuclear shadowing and collisions of heavy ions.
    10:30-11:20  M      V.A.Nikitin (JINR, Dubna) – V.I.Veksler’s centenary.
                        Researches carried out at Synchrophasotron.
    11:30-12:20  M      V.B.Schlippe (PNPI) - 
                        NLO approximation in the framework of SANC system 
                        and   precision mesurements of electroweak processes
                 C      S.A.Paston (SPbU, St.Petersburg) -  Canonical formulation of 
                        enclosed gravitation theory to be equivalent to Einstein theory.
    12:30-13:20  M      Egle Tomassi (CEA, Saclay, France) - 
                        Polarization observables and hadron structure.
                 C      I.B.Khriplovich (INP, Novosibirsk)-
                        Radiation of quantized black holes.
    Evening session
    15:00-15:50  M      A.P.Serebrov (PNPI) – Neutron beta-decay:
                        standard model and cosmology.
                 C      L.N. Lipatov (PNPI) – On the solution of the
                        Beisert-Eden  Staudacher equation.
    16:00-16:50  M      V.A.Kuzmin (INR, Moscow) – Ultra-high energy 
                        cosmic rays: modern status and problems. 
                 C      Davide Fioravanti (INFN, Univ. "Alma Mater Studiorum",Bologna)-
                        Title to be announced
    17:00-17:50  M      V.V.Voronin (PNPI) -   Influence of external force on a neutron 
                        Laue diffraction at the Bragg angles close to pi/2
                 C      F.Smirnov (Univ-6,Paris) – Hidden fermions in
                                  lattice integrable models.
    18:00-18:50  M      A.V.Titov (PNPI) - Theoretical investigation of chemistry of 
                        superheavy element 112 (ekaHg) and   experiments with E112 
                        isotopes from the "island of stability”.
                 C      Yu.Stroganov  (IHEP, Protvino) – Possible 
                        combinatorial point for XYZ spin chain.
    Wednesday, February 21
    Morning session
     9:30-10:20  M     A.Likhoded (IHEP, Moscow)-
                       Heavy quarkonium production and what we know about it.  
    10:30-11:20  M     M.G.Ryskin (PNPI) - 
                       Modern three-reggeon picture.
    11:30-12:20  M     I.V.Komarov (SPbU, St.Petersburg) -  Science and life at dawn 
                       of quantum gravitation. Notes to biography of M.P. Bronstein.
    12:30-13:20  M     D.I.Kazakov (JINR, Dubna) -
                       SUSY at LHC and in Space.
    Evening session
    15.00-15.50  M     S.G.Kadmensky (Voronezh Univ.) – The quantum
                       characteristics of the deformational modes of
                       fissile nucleus motion.
                 C     V.M. Braun (Regensburg Univ.,Germany)-
                       Deep inelastic pion production at treshold .              
    16:00-16:50  M     A.I.Vdovin (JINR, Dubna) – Collective excitations 
                       in hot nuclei: TFD approach. 
                 C     P.V. Pobylitsa P.V. (PNPI) -  Confinement, asymptotic 
                       freedom and positivity bounds for Wilson loops.
    17:00-17:50  M     A.V.Belushkin (JINR, Dubna) - Position sensitive neutron 
                       detector developments in the world and status of detector
                       development activities at Frank Laboratory of Neutron 
                       Physics of JINR
                 C     M.Salvadore (Institut fuer Theoretische Physik,Univ., Hamburg)-
                       Multiple interaction in jet production at small- x.
    18:00-18:50  M     G.N.Dudkin (SINP TPU, Tomsk) 
                       Title to be announced
                 C     V.S. Fadin (INP, Novosibirsk) – 
                       The coordinate representation of NLO BFKL
    Thursday, February 22
    Morning session
     9:30-10:20  M.    Augustin Sabio-Vera  (ITP, Hamburg Univ.) -
                       Title to be announced.
    10:30-11:20  M     V.I.Furman (JINR, Dubna) –                             
                       Title to be announced.
                 C     S.Afonin (SPbUniv., St.Petersburg) –
                       Parity doubling in particle physics.                
    11:30-12:20  M     B.O.Kerbikov (ITEP, Moscow) – Ultra cold neutrons in 
                       the trap: wave packet evolution, oscillations, decoherence.
                 C     G.B.Pivovarov (INR, Moscow)  - Evolution of effective 
                       actions with renormalized couplings. 
    12:30-13:20  M     S.P.Fomin (ITP NSC KIPT, Kharkov) –
                       Slow nuclear burning wave in fast reactor. 
                 C     P.E.Schlein (UC, Los Angeles) -  Absence of large
                       factorization-breaking  in hard diffraction data.
    Evening session
    15:00-15:50  M    N.F. Shul’ga ( ITP NSC KIPT, Kharkov) – Coherent processes
                      at interaction of relativistic electrons with crystals and
                      bunches of relativistic particles.
                 C    V.A.Saleev (Samara Univ.)-  Production of D and B mesons
                      at the Tevatron with the QMRK approach.
    16:00-16:50  M    N.N.Nasonov (Belgorod Univ., Belgorod) – Collective effects 
                      in polarization bremsstrahlung from relativistic electrons
                      moving through a solid target   
                 C    A.A.Gvozdev  (Univ., Yaroslavl) -  Giant Flare in Soft Gamma
                      Repeaters : on the way to a physical model of the phenomen.
    17:00-17:50  M    M.B.Dolgopolov (Samara Univ.)
                      Electroweak phase transitions and baryogenesis.    
                 C    A.Zayakin (MSU and ITEP, Moscow) - Induced 
                      Schwinger processes at finite temperature.
    18:00-18:50  M    E.S.Kokoulina (JINR, Dubna) – Multiparticle
                      production at high multiplicities.
                 C    V.T.Kim (PNPI) – Jet physics  and BFKL-effects
                      at colliders.       
    Friday, February 23
    Morning session
     9:30-10:20  M    M.Polikarpov (ITEP, Moscow) –Anderson localization 
                      and low dimensional objects in lattice gluodynamics. 
    10:30-11:20  M    L.D.Faddeev (SPbDMI, St.Petersburg) – Discrete 
                      evolution of the zero modes of Liouville Model.
    11:30-12:20  M    F.S.Dzheparov (ITEP, Moscow) –
                      Title to be announced.
                 C    P.P.Kulish (SPbDMI, St.Petersburg}
                      Field  theory on noncommutative space-time.
    12:30-13:20  M    G.V.Danilyan (ITEP, Moscow)
                      Title to be announced
                 C    V.A.Kudryavtsev (PNPI)-  Symmetries and flavours 
                      in composite superstring model for hadrons.
    Evening session
    15:00-15:50  M     Tu.M.Tchuvilsky (SINP MSU, Moscow) – Study of 
                       PT-noninvariance in correlations of products of 
                       neutron-induced reactions
                 C     V.V.Khruschov (RRC KI, Moscow) – Calculations of meson
                       mass  spectra in the model of quasi-independent quarks.
    16:00-16:50  M     F.F.Karpeshin (Fock Inst. of Physics, St.Petersburg) –
                       Characteristic features of subthreshold processes at the
                       continuum boundary.
                 C     A.D.Smirnov    (Univ.Yaroslavl)-
                       Four color   symmetry as possible New Physics beyond SM.
    17:00-17:50  M     S.S.Shimansky (JINR, Dubna) – High p_T physics as tool
                       to study the quark structure of nucleons and nuclei.
                 C     A.Z. Dubnickova (Comenius U., Bratislava)
                       Implications of the proton electric FF space-like 
                       behaviour puzzle in various physical phenomena.
    18:00-18:50  M     V.A. Schegelsky (PNPI) –
                       Top-quark parameter measurements :  theoretical and
                       experimental problems. 
                 C     S. Dubnicka (IP, Bratislava)
                       Sum rules for total cross-sections of hadron 
                       photoproduction on pseudoscalar mesons and octet baryon.
    Saturday, February 24
    Morning session
     9:30-10:20  M     V.R.Shaginyan (PNPI)-
                       Universal behaviour of strongly correlated systems.
    10:30-11:20  M     V.K.Ivanov (SPbSPU, St.Petersburg) - Functional Density 
                       Theory. Application to calculations of electron structure of clusters.
    11:30-12:20  M     A.A.Matyshev (SPbSTU, St.Petersburg) – 
                       Albert Michelson – the Nobel prize winner of 1907.
    12:30-13:20  M     G Harigel (CERN, Geneva)
                       Weaponization of Space.       
    13:30-13:40  M     Closing the School