HEPD Scientific board meetings 2006

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    See film "Assembly of the CMS detector"   ( CMSTheMovie.mpeg - 68 MB )
   Annual report, 2006 (25, 26, 27 December) :
        Scientific Session_2006 of HEPD. More...     Scientific Session_2006   of HEPD,    25 - 27 December,    (2 pages).
  • December 25:
    • Accelerator Department (German A. Riabov),   pdf, ppt.
    • Short-Lived Nuclei Laboratory (Vladimir N. Panteleev),    pdf, ppt.
    • Laboratory of Mesoatoms (Yury M. Ivanov),    pdf, ppt.
    • Meson Physics Laboratory (Victorin V. Sumachev),    pdf, ppt.
    • Relativistic Nuclear Physics Laboratory (Vladimir M. Samsonov),   pdf, ppt.
    • Elementary Particle Physics Laboratory (Georgy D. Alkhazov),   pdf, ppt.
    • Few Body System Laboratory (Stanislav L. Belostotski),    pdf, ppt.
  • December 26:
    • Meson Physics of a Condensed Matter Labratory (Vladimir P. Koptev),   pdf, ppt.
    • Meson-Nucleon Interaction Group (Gennadi G. Semenchuk),   pdf, ppt.
    • Cryogenic and Superconducting Labratory (Alexandr A.Vasilyev),    pdf, ppt.
    • Exotic Nuclei Group (Dmitry M. Seliverstov),   pdf, ppt.
    • Rare Decay Laboratory (Victor A. Gordeev),    pdf, ppt.
    • Nucleon-Nuclei Interactions Group (Vil G. Vovchenko),    pdf, ppt.
    • Computing Systems Departmen (Andrey E.Shevel),    pdf, ppt.
    • Tracks Detectors Department (Anatoly G. Krivshich),    pdf, ppt.
  • December 27:
    • PNPI Electronics Department (Victor L. Golovtsov),    pdf , ppt;
    • CMS project (Yury M. Ivanov),    pdf, ppt    - See film "Assembly of the CMS detector" - ( CMSTheMovie.mpeg - 68 MB )
    • ATLAS project (Oleg L. Fedin),    pdf, ppt.
    • ALICE project (Vladimir M. Samsonov),    pdf, ppt.
    • LHCb project (Alexey A. Vorobyov),    pdf, ppt(eng).
    • GRID LHC (Yury F.Ryabov),    pdf, ppt.
    • FinalReport-2006 (Alexey A. Vorobyov),    pdf, ppt.

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