2. Preparation of pure deuterium-hydrogen for the investigation of muon catalysis of the dd-synthesis.

The detailed investigation of muon catalysis of the dd-synthesis on the deuterium-hydrogen (HD) molecules required HD gas with minimal contaminations of deuterium (D2). To obtain high concentrations of HD with small amounts of contaminants the method, based on the reaction
             LiD + H2O = LiOH + HD,
was developed. When conducted in ethanol solution this is the first order reaction, and its velocity can be controlled by the ethanol concentration. This simple approach allows creation of the laboratory - and industrial - type installations for producing needed amounts of the gas with HD content > 98%. The content of different molecular forms of hydrogen isotopes and micro contaminants such as nitrogen and oxygen in the product can be determined by gas chromatography.

On the created in our laboratory installation we were able to produce over 300L of gas (HD>98.8%; H2<1.5%; D2<0.7%; N2 and O2<10-4 %) which was enough to set up the experiment on investigation of muon catalysis of dd-synthesis on the HD molecules on the meson fabric beam, PSI, Switzerland.
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