Accommodation at HSQCD’2016

Updated: 16:03, 23 May 2016

Accommodation at HSQCD’2016 is stipulated at a modest Institute hotel "Akademicheskaya", 4-star hotel "Garden-House" and "Gatchina Hotel" in Gatchina, and also at the 4-star hotel "Park Inn-Pulkovskaya" in the south of St. Petersburg (between downtown and Gatchina), ~10 minutes walk to metro station "Moskovskaya". Booking in advance is required.

Reservation for the hotels "Akademicheskaya", "Garden-House" and "Gatchina Hotel" in Gatchina should be done through the HSQCD'2016 Organizing Committee only(!). Special discount rates depend on room type and vary from 25 to 45 euro per night for the "Akademicheskaya", and from 60 euro and 100 euro per night for the "Garden-House". Note, that booking at the "Garden-House" for stay after 4 July is not possible due to high season.

Reservations for the hotel "Park Inn - Pulkovskaya" should be done directly through the hotel website. Please after booking at the hotel "Park Inn-Pulkovskaya" inform the HSQCD'2016 Organizing Committee about your reservation. A Workshop bus will be provided for transportation between the hotel and the Workshop site in Gatchina (one way trip is about 45 min. depending on traffic).

For dining in Gatchina we reсommend the following cafeteria: Грин-Холл, Часы, Робинзон, Pizza Italiano and a restaurant in "Garden-House".