Bulletin - HSQCD’2016, Gatchina, Russia, June 27 - July 1, 2016

An international Conference "Hadron Structure and QCD" (HSQCD'2016) is organized by St. Petersburg Nuclear Physics Institute, St. Petersburg State University, St. Petersburg State Polytechnical University, V.A. Fock Institute of Physics, Institute of Physics of Slovak Academy of Sciences and Comenius University, Bratislava.

It will be held on June 27 - July 1, 2016 at Gatchina, a picturesque southern suburb of St. Petersburg, especially wonderful in period of the famous white nights. Plenary and parallel sessions will be carried out at the site of St. Petersburg Nuclear Physics Institute, Gatchina.

The aim of this Conferences is to review the recent progress in the hadronic physics, QCD, the Standard Model and its generalizations. The joint Conference unifies the series of two Conferences: "Hadron Structure" held in Slovakia from 1973, and "Hadron Structure and QCD" held in St. Petersburg from 2004. Now the joint Conference is carried out annually, in the odd years in Slovakia and in the even years in Russia. The first joint Conference HS’07 was held in Slovakia, 2007.

The physics topics of the Conference include:

  • perturbative QCD, DGLAP- and BFKL-evolutions
  • polarized and nonpolarized parton distribution functions
  • Pomeron, hard diffraction and small-x physics
  • heavy-ion collisions, quark-gluon matter
  • nonperturbative QCD, lattice computations, chiral model of hadrons
  • hadron spectroscopy, exotic states
  • precision tests of the Standard Model, extensions of the Standard Model
  • physics of the LHC and future colliders
  • neutrino physics
At present we would like to know about your intention to participate in this Conference and ask you kindly to register on the web-site as soon as possible, because the number of participants is limited.

Note, that

Please, fill the application form in "Visa information" at the HSQCD’2016 web-site, if you need Russian visa. Further, please inquire your local Russian consulate near your residence whether a fax/scanned copy of the visa invitation document is sufficient. Note also, that the participants affiliated with CERN can obtain Russian visa in a simplified way.

Please, indicate also a tentative title of your talk at the registration. The program committee will select talks for plenary and parallel sessions.

The conference fee is 300 EURO for senior participants and 200 EURO for students. The conference fee covers lunches, coffee-breaks, Conference dinner, various social events, transportation from/to airport and Conference proceedings. Accompanying persons will be charged 200 EURO. Accommodation is varied at Gatchina: modest Institute hotel "Akademicheskaya", hotels "Gatchina" and "Garden House, as well as at St. Petersburg: hotel "Park Inn - Pulkovskaya" in the south of the city. Booking in advance is required.

Looking forward to hear from you,
best regards,
Lev N. Lipatov (Chair)
Stanislav Dubnicka (Chair)
Anna Z. Dubnickova (Co-Chair)
Victor T. Kim (Co-Chair)

on behalf of
HSQCD'2016 Organizing Committee
e-mail: hsqcd@pnpi.spb.ru