Prize I.V. Kurchatov Research Center "Kurchatov Institute" - 2016


  • L.D.El'tsov
    "Design and commissioning of bunched beam current measurement system at COSY".

  • M.V.Mal'kov.
    "Channeling and three-dimensional reflection of protons with energies 1 GeV in bent crystals of silicon".

  • N.S.Martynova.
    "Low-energy nuclear isomerism".

  • S.A.Eliseev.
    "High precision measurements of the masses of the nuclides Penning traps for a wide range of fundamental physics problems".

  • A.E. Barzakh, D.V. Fedorov, M.D. Seliverstov, P.L. Molkanov, V.N. Panteleev.
    "Studies of delayed fission and coexistence forms the core of the resonance ionization method in laser ion source."

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