St. Petersburg, Russia, 20-24 September 2005

Hadron Structure and QCD:   from LOW to HIGH energies


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Tuesday, September 20, hotel "Rossiya"
14:00 Workshop Opening
  Plenary session (Conference hall)
14:10 25'+5' A. White (ANL)
Unitarity Implications for QCD, Electroweak Symmetry Breaking and Unification
14:40 25'+5' J. Gayler (DESY), H1 Coll.
Proton Structure from HERA
15:10 25'+5' G. Obrant (PNPI)
Latest D0 QCD results
15:40 15'+5' M. Tytgat (Gent Univ.)
Recent HERMES Results on Inclusive Scattering and Exclusive Reactions
16:00 - 16:30 Coffee-break
16:30 25'+5' V. Dodonov (DESY), H1 Coll.
Diffraction at HERA
17:00 25'+5' L. Gladilin (SINP MSU), ZEUS Coll.
Spectroscopy in ep collisions
17:30 25'+5' L. Frankfurt (Tel-Aviv Univ.)
Universality of hadronic and DIS cross sections at high energies
18:00 25'+5' J. Ritman (Juelich IKP & Bochum Univ.)
Upcoming hadron physics experiments at COSY and PANDA
18:30 25'+5' B. Ermolaev (Ioffe FTI )
Spin-dependent structure function g_1 at small x
20:00 Welcome Party

Wednesday, September 21, hotel "Rossiya"
Plenary session (Conference hall)
09:30 25'+5' Y. Ri (Tokyo Metropolitan Univ.), ZEUS Coll.
Electroweak measurements at HERA
10:00 15'+5' D. South (DESY), H1 Coll.
Beyond Standard Model Searches at HERA
10:20 15'+5' M. Bell (Oxford Univ.), ZEUS Coll.
Beauty and charm physics at HERA
10:40 15'+5' V. Egorytchev (DESY), HERA-B Coll.
Review of Heavy Flavor Production at HERA-B
11:00 - 11:30 Coffee-break
11:30 25'+5' M. Sutton (Univ. College London), ZEUS Coll.
The Hadronic Final State and Parton dynamics at HERA
12:00 15'+5' D. Dobur (Freiburg Univ.), ZEUS Coll.
Forward jet studies and low-x parton dynamics in DIS at HERA
12:20 15'+5' N. Berger (ETH, Zurich)
DVCS and vector mesons at HERA (H1 & ZEUS Coll.)
12:40 15'+5' H.-W. Siebert (Mainz Univ.), WA89 Coll.
Measurements of Lambda and Xi- polarizations in inclusive production by Sigma- of 340 GeV/c
13:00 25'+5' Lunch
14:00 15'+5' N. Stefanis (Bochum Univ.)
Fractional analytic perturbation theory in QCD
14:20 15'+5' A. Likhoded (IHEP)
Double psi production at high energies
14:40 15'+5' T. Lee (Kunsan Nat. Univ.)
Borel summation of infrared renormalons in heavy quark physics
15:00 15'+5' A. Dorokhov (JINR)
Hadronic contributions to muon g-2 within the instanton liquid Model
15:20 15'+5' N. Kivel (Bochum Univ. & PNPI)
Radiative corrections to the hard spectator scattering contribution in B->pi^+pi^- decay
15:40 15'+5' A. Andrianov (St. Petersburg State Univ. & INFN, Bologna)
Chiral dynamics from the Hadronic string: boundary algebra
16:00 - 16:30 Coffee-break
16:30 15'+5' O. Veretin (Petrozavodsk State Univ.)
Mixed electroweak QCD corrections to Z-production at LHC
16:50 15'+5' V. Braguta (IHEP)
Excited charmonium mesons production in e^+e^- annihilation at sqrt{s}=10.6 GeV
17:10 15'+5' J.J. Sanz-Cillero (Univ. Paris-Sud XI)
Spin-1 Correlators at Large NC: Matching OPE and Resonance Theory at O(alpha_s)
17:30 15'+5' A. Lokhov (CPHT Ecole Polytechnique)
The Infrared Behaviour of the Pure Yang-Mills Green Functions
17:50 15'+5' F. Llanes-Estrada (Univ. Complutense de Madrid)
IR behavior of Landau gauge YM Green's functions
18:10 15'+5' V. Kudryavtsev (PNPI)
Symmetries and tree level unitarity for hadron composite string model
18:30 15'+5' A. Onischenko (PNPI & Hamburg Univ.)
Superconformal operators in N=2 SYM

Thursday, September 22, PNPI, Gatchina
Plenary session (Conference hall)
09:30 25'+5' L. Lipatov (PNPI)
BFKL and ADS/CFT correspondence
10:00 25'+5' V. Fadin (Budker INP)
Evidence of the gluon Reggeization in the NLA
10:30 25'+5' I. Balitsky (JLAB)
Scattering of shock waves in QCD
11:00 - 11:30 Coffee-break
11:30 25'+5' Y. Hatta (RIKEN BNL)
Effective Hamiltonian for QCD evolution at high energy
12:00 15'+5' A. Kotikov (JINR)
Three-loop anomalous dimensions of Wilson operators in N=4 SUSY
12:20 15'+5' A. Papa (Calabria Univ.)
Electroproduction of two vector mesons in NLA BFKL
12:40 15'+5' M. Ryskin (PNPI)
Inelastic J/Psi and Upsilon hadroproduction
13:00 15'+5' N. Zotov (SINP MSU)
Small-x physics and k_T-phenomenology at HERA and beyond
13:20 Lunch
14:30 15'+5' V. Kim (PNPI)
BFKL: chronicles of evolution
14:50 25'+5' L. Lipatov (PNPI)
BFKL: historical remarks
15:20 20'+5' V. Fadin (Budker INP)
To be announced
15:45 10'+5' I. Balitsky (JLAB)
To be announced
16:00 - 16:30 Coffee-break
16:30 15'+5' L. Frankfurt (Tel-Aviv Univ.)
To be announced
16:50 15'+5' A. White (ANL)
To be announced
17:10 15'+5' N. Nikolaev (Juelich IKP & Landau ITP)
To be announced
18:00 Departure for excursion & reception in the Gatchina Pavel Palace

Friday, September 23, PNPI, Gatchina
Plenary session (Conference hall)
09:30 35'+5' B. Ioffe (ITEP)
Survey of QCD data at low momenta
10:10 25'+5' A. Kubarovsky (SINP MSU)
Review of pentaquark searches
10:40 15'+5' Ya. A. Azimov (PNPI)
Complex angular momenta and the problem of exotic states
11:00 - 11:15 Coffee-break
11:15 25'+5' H.-W. Siebert (Mainz Univ.)
Searches for pentaquark candidates in experiments WA89 and COMPASS at CERN and a direct observation of the Sigma(1750) in WA89
11:45 15'+5' V. Popov (SINP MSU)
New results on pentaquark from SVD-2 experiment
12:05 15'+5' F. Llanes-Estrada (Univ. Complutense de Madrid)
Glueballs and oddballs in Coulomb gauge QCD models
12:25 15'+5' V. Novozhilov (St. Petersburg State Univ.)
Color chiral bosonization and gluonic field
12:45 Lunch
14:00 15'+5' A. Taranenko (SUNY)
What do we learn from correlation studies at RHIC? (PHENIX Coll.)
14:20 25'+5' N. Nikolaev (Juelich IKP & Landau ITP)
pQCD description of hard processes in a nuclear environment
14:50 15'+5' G. Shaw (Manchester Univ.)
Colour Dipoles and Saturation
15:10 15'+5' E. Gonzalez Ferreiro (Univ. Santiago de Compostela)
Color Strings, Pomerons and Color Glass Condensate
15:30 10'+5' V. Sadovnikova (PNPI)
Nucleon sum rules for symmetric and asymmetric matter
15:45 10'+5' S. Bondarenko (DESY)
Rescattering correction to the double-diffractive exclusive Higgs production
16:00 - 16:15 Coffee-break
  Parallel session A (conference hall) Parallel session B (small hall)
16:15 10'+5' P. Pobylitsa (Bochum Univ. & PNPI)
Light-cone baryon wave function in large-Nc QCD
M. Matveev (PNPI)
Sector of the $2^{++}$ mesons: observation of the tensor glueball
16:30 10'+5' A. Sidorov (JINR)
The Effect of Positivity Constraints on Polarized Parton Densities in the Nucleon
D. Vasin (Samara State Univ.)
Relative roles of the mechanisms of fusion and fragmentation in charmonium hadroproduction at high energy
16:45 10'+5' V. Zamiralov (SINP MSU)
Relations between the QCD sum rules for meson-baryon coupling constants
A. Sheplyakov (JINR)
Different two-loop corrections to the pole masses of heavy quarks in the MSSM
17:00 10'+5'
M. Ryzhinsky (PNPI & SPSPU)
J/Psi and Drell-Yan pair production on nuclear targets
17:30 Concert
19:00 Workshop Dinner
22:00-2:00 Night City Excursion

Saturday, September 24, hotel "Rossiya"
10:00 55'+5' Workshop Summary
11:00 Workshop Closing
12:00 Excursion to the Hermitage