on 29 february - 5 march 2004, St.-Petersburg, Repino.


The PNPI Schools on CONDENSED STATE PHYSICS are traditionally carried out once in every two years. The last School was in 2002. The aim of the Schools is the overview of the last highlights in the PHYSICS of CONDENSED STATE to get acquainted the specialists working in this area with these problems. The special attention will be attracted to the problems to be studied by neutron scattering methods. Scientists from the different scientific centres (such as JINR, Kurchatov Institute, MPI of UrD RAS etc.) are systematically taking part in the Schools.

Program and Timetable

The following topics are planned to discuss at School in 2004:

  1. Maksimov L.A. - (RNC KI, Moscow)
    Modern problems of solid state physics.
  2. Belyaev S.P. - (PNPI)
      Termoelastic martensite transformations in alloys and shape memory effect in alloys
    under neutron radiation 
  3. Chernyshov D.Yu. - (Universitat Bern, Switzerland)
    Structural and spin transitions in molecular crystals. Diffractional study and the Landau theory.
  4. Ginzburg Saul Leibovich - (PNPI)
    Coherent resonance and irreversible phase transitions
  5. Golosovsky Igor Victorovich - (PNPI)
    Diffraction in nanosystems
  6. Gol'tsev Alexander Victorovich - (PTI RAS, St.Petersburg)
    Kondo-physics: metals with impurity, heavy fermions and one-electron transitions
  7. Grechishkin R.M., Koledov V.V., Krasnoperov E.P., Shavrov V.G. - (IR&E RAS, Moscow)
    Structure transformations  and giant magneto-mechanical effects in Heisler alloys
  8. Grigor'ev S.V. - (PNPI)
    Dynamical spin chirality in ferromagnets and polarized neutrons
  9. Gukasov A.G. - (LLB, France)
    Local susceptibility and anisotropy in the polarized neutron diffraction
  10. Ivanchev S.S. - (St.Petersburg filial of IC RAS)
    Some problems of the chemistry in 21 centure
  11. Ionov A.N. - (PTI RAS, St.Petersburg)
    Conductivity of the thin polimer films
  12. Kovalchuk M.V., Kvardakov V.V., - (RNC KI, Moscow)
    Synchrotron and neutron scattering as complimentary methods in condensed matter. The first sinchrotron results in Kurchatov institute.
  13. Maleev S.V. - (PNPI)
    Quantum criticality
  14. Manakova L.A. - (RNC KI, Moscow)
    Non-Fermi-Liquid states in heavy-fermion metals with f-impurities
  15. Plakhty V.P. - (PNPI)
    Chyrality in magnetism and not only in it
  16. Runov V.V. - (PNPI)
    Functional materials: Ni2MnGa - physical properties and spin correlations
  17. Savitskaya N.E. - (PNPI)
    Magnetic flux dynamics in the one-dimensional multicontact SQUID
  18. Sokolov A.I. (SPbSETU "LETI", St.Petersburg)
    Renormalization group in the theory of phase transition: how it works and it yields
  19. Török Gyula D. - (RISSP, Hungary)
    "Neutron Holography"

You are kindly invited to send your application forms to the correspondent person of the CMP-School
Runova M.K. by E-mail:         
before 09.02.2004!

The chairman of the Organizing Committee of CMP-section
Prof. Okorokov A.I.
Tel:(81271)46023, Fax:(81271)39023
Responsible for educational process
Prof. Maleyev S.V.
The Scientific Secretary of the School
Dr. Grigoriev S.V.
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188350, Gatchina, Leningrad district,
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