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Post-conference remarks

Statistics of the LHCP2015:

  • 342 participants (367 registered)
  • more than 30 countries
  • 142 talks
  • 58 poster presentations
  • web-site: 21 740 visits from 102 countries

What to do after the LHCP2015 Conference?

  • Weep (Everything is over… Well, almost everything ... )
  • Remember the time
  • Recall the programme
  • Prepare write-up for the Proceedings
  • Enjoy photos
  • Come back to St. Petersburg again!


INNO-MIR ltd closing remarks


Dear participants! 


We would like to thank you for a very interesting and unforgettable event!

It was a great pleasure for us to get a unique opportunity to be involved in the organization of such an outstanding scientific conference.

We hope that our joint efforts with the Organizing Committee reached the aim to make your stay in St. Petersburg both fruitful and memorable! 

We sincerely wish you success in your scientific work and breakthrough discoveries in the mystery of our Universe!


INNO-MIR ltd Team