I R I S facility

Nuclear spectroscopy group.

Main proposals of our group for on-line experiments
at IRIS mass separator.

 Half-lifes and main decay properties have been studied.

 Alpha decay energies for long decay chains were studied carefully usimg Si(Au)-solid state detectors to deduce masses of nuclei far off the beta stability line.

 This research was done for neutron deficient isotopes of rare earth elements. End point energies for beta spectra were measured with high accuracy using Ge(HP) solid state detectors.

 The very low limit was set for this decay mode of isotopes under investigation. The r-process path problem was considered in accordance to obtained results.

 The time-of-flight method was applied to recoiled nuclei to study the delayed neutron decay.

Participation at other laboratories.

located at the Neutron Research Laboratory ( in Studsvik ),
University of Uppsala, Sweden

Short research plan and description of scientific achievements.

Precise Atomic Mass Values near 132Sn : The Resolution of a Puzzle.

"Q-beta decay energies in the vicinity of magic nuclei
132 Sn and 78 Ni"

located on the campus of the
Giessen University, Germany

"Pick-off detector (Giessen) for ESR at GSI (Darmstadt)"

located on the campus of the
Jyvaskyla University , Finland

" Alpha-decay chains towards superheavy elements."

Search for 73 Rb"

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