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Conference Dinner in Strelna

The Conference Dinner will take place at the Pavillion "Marina" near the State Complex "The National Congress Palace" in Strelna, St. Petersburg.

The State Complex is located on the picturesque Baltic Sea coast of the Gulf of Finland, not so far from Peterhof.


Strelna is a municipal settlement in Petrodvortsovy District of the federal city of St. Petersburg, Russia, located about halfway between St. Petersburg proper and Petergof and overlooking the shore of the Gulf of Finland.

In the beginning of 18 –th century Peter the Great planned to create at Strelna a splendid palace and park complex with fountains and cascades, the second Versailles, "the eighth miracle of the world" - in addition to the estate with a wooden palace. The construction started at Strelna by Peter the Great was continued during the reign of his daughter, Elizabeth Petrovna.
Now the National Congress Palace is a multifunctional complex working as a state residence, a museum and a modern congress venue. It is located on the Gulf of Finland coastline. The gem of the NCP is the Konstantin Palace housing chambers of the Russian President. The palace features an exceptional collection of Russian art.

How to get to the faculty from St. Petersburg


Address: St.Petersburg, Strelna, Portovaya Street, 25a
Pavillion "Marina" is located near the State Complex "The National Congress Palace" in Strelna, St. Petersburg (about 35 km from the city).

  • Travel by bus: from metro station "Avtovo": bus № 224, 300, 404, 424 up to "Konstatntinovskiy palace" station.