Radio Electronics Department


Radio Electronics Department


Multi-channel Power Supply System

PNPI:     S.Volkov,   V.Lazarev,   N.Isaev,   S.Bondarev,   L.Sergeev,   A.Myl'nikova,   N.Gulina,
UF USA:     A.Madorsky.
click to enlarge view board (HVM)
  • Primary HV Power Supply
  • PC based Host Processor
  • PCI Host Card
  • HV Master Distribution Card
  • HV Remote distribution Card

2010 . - Completion HVM of system for LHCb experiment ( CERN ) on 3500 high-voltage channels is executed - (see page "System CMS/LHCb HV for LHCb experiment").

HVM CMS system is designed to meet the demanding requirements of new large scale experiments includes suddetectors with wire chambers.
The primary HV power supply feeds the HV disribution boxes via long distance cables.
The number of cables is minimized,since HV distribution boxes are placed just close to detector. The system provides HV regulation on each individual output and it output voltage and current monitoring.

For more detail review see:   HVMM8.pdf  

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