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Multiwire proportional chamber with sexual structures on the cathode planes

Spiridenkov E.M.,   Bochin B.V.,   Grachev V.T.,   Neustroev P.V.
General view of the camera - see russian version - The page opens in a separate window Camera Assembly drawing - click for larger species - page opens in a separate window Abstract - studied the multiplicity of operations proportional chamber with a pad structure on the cathodes.

1. Introduction

As part of the modernization program of the muon system LHCb experiment it was made with a prototype proportional chamber padas on the cathode plane. The design features the requirements and recommendations, developed to create the system and set out in a variety of works, of which only the note [1], [2]. For a camera with the pad structure of a plurality of operations at the inlet of the particle perpendicular to this day it remains a challenge. multiplicity two reasons. This division of the induced currents in the adjacent cathode pads and mutual capacitance pads at finite values ??of the input resistance of preamplifiers. In the first case by averaging can improve the spatial accuracy, but with the possible loss of efficiency, for the other a plurality of leads to a great error. Note that given in [3] estimates the mutual capacitances are relevant because their values ??can be set only for 3D-modeling.

Detailed description see here:   Mwpc_cpad_v05a.pdf  


Spiridenkov E.M.
Figure 1 shows a fragment of the camera, the characteristics of which are used in the calculations - The page opens in a separate window Abstract - Established limits resolution and bias estimation coordinates ionization track proportional chamber, designed for the new IKAR, taking into account only the electronic noise.

1. Introduction

The proportional chamber, a cathode, which is divided into strips, the track is determined by the coordinate of the position of the center of gravity of the distribution of the induced current. The natural desire to increase the width of the strips to reduce the number of recording channels is limited to the permissible nonlinearity. The level of noise electronics, largely affecting the spatial resolution, has its limits. That is why the purpose of this study was to identify strip signal processing capabilities in order to obtain the best resolution and minimum coordinates nonlinearity assessment track. There are many references to the works, which address certain issues with cameras cathode readout. However, among them a lot of garbage. That is why it was decided to set out and fix our ideas on these issues.

2. Design, induced currents and capacitive camera model

Figure 1 shows a fragment of the camera, the characteristics of which are used in the calculations.

Detailed description see here:   Icar16_V2e_report.pdf


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