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Meson Physics of a Condensed Matter Laboratory carries out the investigations of the various compounds on the muon channel of the PNPI synchrocyclotron making use of the *µSR*method:
  1. The study of the magnetic phase transitions and the local magnetic fields in the RMn2O5 manganites.
  2. The study of the multiferroics TbMnO3 and TbxBi1-xMnO3.
  3. The study of the CoFe2O4- and MnFe2O4-ferrofluids dispersed in the H2O water.
  4. The study of the phase transitions in the chromium steels.
Now a group physicists of Laboratory of meson physics and a condensed matter PNPI take a part in the investigations at ANKE spectrometer. Topics of these measurements are:
  1. Investigation of ω- and φ-meson production in pn-interactions
    close-to-threshold and experimental prove of Okubo-Zweig-Izuka (OZI) rule
    in this channel;

  2. Test of an isospin invariance in Λ- and Σ0, -hyperons production in
    pp- and pn-interactions;

  3. Investigation of a Λ(1405)-resonance and antikaon interactions with nucleons and light nucleus in the reaction of K+ K- and K0 pair production

  4. Investigation of the φ-meson's properties modification in nuclear matter.
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