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Meson Physics of a Condensed Matter Laboratory
     The laboratory was formed in 1986 first as a group inside the "Meson Physics Laboratory" headed by prof. S.P.Kruglov and later became an independent unit headed by V.P. Koptev. Two diversion of studies were at the beginning of the laboratory and up to now: meson production on proton-nuclear interactions and
*µSR* studies (started by S.P.Kruglov in 1978) of magnetic materials at pions and muon channels existing in PNPI since 1981 a 1978 respectively. At present, the meson production studies are under running in the frome of the international projects at *COSY* (ANKE - *Juelich*, Germany).

Since 2012, the laboratory headed by Vorobyev S.I.
Interview with Acting Head of the Laboratory Meson Physics of Condensed Matter S.I.Vorobyev:
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