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  Historical overview of main activities

Historical overview of main activities
See also PNPI HEPD Reports "Main Scientific Activities PNPI XXV (1971-1996)"

  1. Small-angle diffraction scattering of hadrons.
    (For more detail review see article "Elastic diffraction scattering of hadron on the lightest nuclei ".

  2. Transition radiation detector. See "Study of rare hyperon decays". -
    (and see more Preprint_PNPI_1186.pdf).

  3. Participation in L3 experiment at LEP in CERN. See Research at CERN large electron-position collider. L3 experiment. ,
    (and see more NIMA430(1999)_FTC_L3.pdf).

  4. Particle channeling by bent monocrystals.
    See Crystaloptics of high energy particles.

  5. Methodic investigations of the gaseous detectors properties
    (see more NIMA356(1995)_FTC_L3.pdf).

  6. Nuclear muon capture by 3He.
    See Precision measurement of nuclear muon capture by 3He.

  7. Tracking detectors for some high-energy physics experiments performed at PNPI cyclosynchrotron .

  8. HERMES experiment in DESY (Hamburg) at HERA
    (See NIMA_465(2001)_HERMES_MWPC.pdf).

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