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  Current projects

Current projects and recent results

  1. Neutron Detectors for thermal neutrons in frame of PIK research program in PNPI - (see more NIMA581(2007)_NDet.pdf).

  2. Muon Capture in Hydrogen at PSI -
    - (For more detail review see articles "Final results of µ3He-capture experiment and perspectives for µp-capture studies" in PNPI HEPD Report "Main Scientific Activities of HEPD in 1997-2001 - page 72".

  3. Participation in LHC experiments at CERN -
    - (For more detail review see article "PNPI PARTICIPATION IN LHC EXPERIMENTS" in PNPI HEPD Report "Main Scientific Activities of HEPD in 2002-2006" - page 24,
    - and see NIMA515_(2003)_CMS.pdf).

  4. Aging and recovering of the gaseous particle detectors -
    - (For more detail review see article "RECOVERY OF AGED ANODE WIRES IN PROPORTIONAL COUNTERS USING A NEGATIVE CORONA DISCHARGE IN 80%CF4+20%CO2", - G.E. Gavrilov, A.G. Krivshich, D.A. Maysuzenko, A.A. Fetisov, N.Yu. Shvetsova"
    in PNPI HEPD Report "Main Scientific Activities of HEPD in (2007-2012) " - page 383-390),
    - and see more NIMA591(2008)_Recover.pdf,
    - and see VSU_corr_12_v4_11.pdf.

  5. Participation in OLYMPUS experiment at DESY(Hamburg, Germany). and article in NIMA
    «The OLYMPUS Experiment»
    (see article OLYMPUS_arXiv.1312.1730.pdf) - R. Milner, D.K. Hasell, M. Kohl, U.Schneekloth,…G.Gavrilov…A. Krivshich… et al.., - Dec 5, 2013. 40 pp. e-Print: arXiv:1312.1730 [physics.ins-det]).
    (see: picture.4,   picture.5,   picture.6)

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