Annual Winter School

of St.Petersburg Nuclear Physics Institute

Program of the XL PNPI Winter School on 27 mSR Seminar
(St.Petersburg, Repino, February 15 - 19, 2006)


Gordeev V., Gorelkin V. Opening of mSR-seminar.

Koptev V. (PNPI RAS) - mSR - investigations in PNPI in 2005 year.

Smilga V. (SRC KI, Moscow) - mSR in medicine and biology.

Polischuk I. - Low temperature breakdown of coherent tunneling in amorphous solids by the nuclear quadrupole interaction.

Ralchenko V. (GPI RAS) - CVD synthesis of diamond: technique, properties and applications.

Mamedov T. (JINR, Dubna) - Behaviour of the acceptor impurity in man made single crystal diamond studied by polarized negative muon.

Zhukov V. (JINR, Dubna) - Experimental setup for investigation of acceptors in binary semiconducting compounds by mSR method.

Stoykov A. (PSI, Switzerland; JINR, Dubna) - Negative muon spin rotation study of acceptor centers in SiC.

Buga S.( Tisnum, Troitsk ) - Title will be specified later.

Gorelkin V. (MIPT, Moscow) - Estimation of exchange integral between acceptor centers in silicon from mSR experiments.

Baturin A. (MIPT, Moscow) - Mechanisms of muon spin relaxation in acceptor center in silicon under uniaxial stress.

Egorov V.(SRC KI, Moscow) - First attempt of visualization of Condon domains in silver and beryllium by micro Hall probes.

Mishchenko A. (AIST, Japan; SRC KI, Moscow) - Diagrammatic Monte Carlo as applied to polarons problem.

Bondarev I. (INP BSU, Minsk) - Excitonic photoluminescence in semiconductor quantum well heterostructures.

Belousov Yu. (MIPT, Moscow) - Relaxation of muonium in solid helium -3.

Suleimanov N. (ZPhTI KSC RAS, Kazan) - What can muSR do for fuel cells?

Senba M. (Dalhousie University, ) - Spin Exchange of Muonium States in Semiconductors: Progress Report.

Prokscha T. (PSI, ) - Energy dependence of Mu formation in insulators and semiconductors.

Soloviev V. (MIPT, Moscow) - Computer simulation of recombination processes in muon track at external electric fields.

Emil Roduner (University of Stuttgart, Germany) - Positive muons as probes of soft matter.

Prokscha T. (PSI, ) - Status of the Low-Energy Muon Project at PSI and Overview of Experimental Program.

Manko V.(PI RAS, Moscow) - Bells inequality and mSR.

Belousov Yu. (MIPT, Dolgoprudnyj) - mSR investigation of nanostructures.

Mamedov T. (JINR, Dubna) - The magnetic moment of the negative muon bounded in 1S-level revisited: the new measurement for medium-heavy nuclear.

Duginov V. (JINR, Dubna) - Investigation of ferro-liquids by mSR-method (Title will be specified).

Storchak V. (SRC KI, Moscow) - Studies of diluted magnetic semiconductors via mSR.

Gorelkin V. (MIPT, Moscow) - Closing remarks