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Elementary Particle Physics Laboratory
     The "Elementary Particle Physics Laboratory" (EPPL) named in the past as "The Nuclear Structure Laboratory" was formed in 1963 at PNPI (at that time PNPI was a branch institute of the Leningrad Physico-Technical Institute (LPTI). Up to 2002, this laboratory was headed by Prof. A.A.Vorobyov.
Later, the Laboratory was headed by Alkhazov G.D. (2002-2021).
In 2022, V.T.Kim was elected head of EPPL.

     The first investigations were devoted to study of ternary fission (at the PNPI nuclear reactor) and of proton-proton and proton-nucleus elastic scattering (at the PNPI 1 GeV proton accelerator). However, practically from the very beginning the activity of the laboratory was not limited to investigations at the PNPI basic facilities, but an active collaboration with other nuclear centres was carried out.
In 1973, an intensive program on nuclear structure studies was started in collaboration with the Saclay (Saturn) laboratory. Then, experiments on small angle scattering of hadrons were performed at CERN using the recoil detector IKAR worked out at PNPI. Very fruitful investigations of the muon catalized dd- and dt- fusion were carried out at PNPI and at PSI (in collaboration with PNPI).

     At present, the Elementary Particle Physics Laboratory participates in the international project
CMS at CERN (Switzerland).

(More see in page Main physics results obtained with the participation of EPPL physicists).

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