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The Few Body System Laboratory

     (see History FBSL - in Book "HEPD - pages of history", pages 54 123)

     The Few Body System Laboratory (FBSL) was formed in 1986. Up to 2020, this laboratory was headed by Prof. S.L.Belostotsky. Later, the Laboratory was headed by O.V. Miklukho.
(see of The Few Body System Laboratory).

Scientific activity of the Laboratory is aimed at experimental study of structure of nuclei and nucleons using proton, deuteron, electron or positron beams. The scattered particles are detected in exclusive, semi-inclusive or inclusive kinematics. In most of experiments, polarization observables are measured.

The Laboratory combines investigations in the home Institute at PNPI synchrocyclotron with experiments being performed in cooperation with other research centres, both in Russia and abroad (see Historical overview und Current projects).

The main activities of the FBSL now (see Current projects) are listed below:
  1. Investigation of nucleon correlations in nuclei by studying the inelastic p, p scattering at 1 GeV;

  2. The FBSL is involved in the PANDA project at GSI. Participation in the PANDA experiment is assumed to be the main activity of the Laboratory in the nearest future.

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