Annual Winter School

of St.Petersburg Nuclear Physics Institute

Program of the XL PNPI Winter School on Nuclear and Particle Physics
(St.Petersburg, Repino, February 20 - 25, 2006)


Alkhazov G. (PNPI) – Main results of SELEX experiment.

Alexandrov Yu. (JINR, Dubna) - On the semicentenary of the neutron Schwinger scattering discovery (1956) and of the first neutron polarizability investigations (1956-57).

Barabanov A. (RRC KI, Moscow), Beda A.(ITEP, Moscow) – Current possibilities of testing T invariance in the interaction of slow neutrons with aligned nuclei.

Baryshevsky V.(RINP BSU, Minsk) - Spin rotation and oscillations of high energy particles in a bent crystal and storage ring and possibility to measure the quadrupole moments and the spin-dependent part of the coherent elastic forward scattering amplitude of elementary particles and nuclei.

Danilyan G. (ITEP, Moscow) - Neutral particle in nuclei ternary fission.

Dzheparov F. (ITEP, Moscow) - Spin dynamics in disordered media.

Frank A. (JINR, Dubna) – Interactions of neutrons with accelerated matter.

Frederiks D., Palshin V. (PTI, St.Petersburg) - Recent observations of X-ray bursts in neutron stars. Giant flare of SGR 1806-20.

Furman V. (JINR, Dubna) - Current status of the experiment on direct measurement of neutron-neutron scattering amplitude at the YAGUAR reactor, Snezhinsk.

Gnedin Yu. (GAO, Pulkovo, St.Petersburg) - Astronomy and particle physics: new results of mutual interaction.

Goennenwein F.(Univ. of Tubingen, Germany) - Rotation of nuclei following capture of cold polarised neutrons as observed in experiments on ternary fission.

Gaponov Yu. (RRC KI, Moscow) - New approach to description of Majorana properties of neutral particles.

Gagarsky A. (PNPI) - Experimental studies of the angular correlations of products from ternary fission of 233U and 235U induced by cold polarized neutrons.

Guseva I. (PNPI) - Calculations of the particles angular distributions it the rotation fissioning system (235U + polarized neutron).

Ignatovich V. (JINR, Moscow) – Neutron Holography.

Ivanov V., Polozkov P., Solov’ev A. (PSTU, St.Petersburg) – Electron – positron clusters.

Kadmensky S. (VSU, Voronezh) - The interferential effects in nuclear fission.

Karpeshin F. (PSU, St.Petersburg) - Time irreversa correlations in muon capture.

Kerbikov B. (ITEP, Moscow) - Neutron-antineutron oscillations.

Kirpichnikov I. (ITEP, Moscow) – Status of 2\beta0\nu - decay investigations.

Kopatch Yu. (JINR, Dubna) - Experimental investigations of ternary fission of heavy nuclei.

Kudenko Yu, (INR, Moscow) – Study of neutrino oscillations. Experiment K2K.

Kubankin A., Nasonov N., Zhukova P. (BSU, Belgorod) – Contributions of real and virtual photon diffraction to the formation of parametric X-ray yield.

Matyshev A. (PSTU, St.Petersburg) - Nobel prize in physics –1906.

Marinova K. (JINR, Dubna) – Laser spectroscopic investigations of nuclear structure.

Nikitin V. (JINR, Dubna) – Highlights of particle physics in 2005.

Pasternak A. (PTI, St.Petersburg) – Modern methods of Doppler gamma-ray spectroscopy in nuclear physics.

Pyatkov Yu. (MIPI, Moscow) – Searching for collinear tripartition of heavy nuclei - status and prospects.

Rudenko V. (SAI, MSU, Moscow) – Status of gravitation – waves experiment.

Rudenko V. (SAI, MSU, Moscow) – Equivalent Principle at the new phase of GR tests.

Shaginyan V. (PNPI) - Electron systems with fermion condensate.

Shchagin A. (KIPT, Kharkov) - Investigations and properties of parametric X-ray radiation.

Shchagin A. (KIPT, Kharkov) - Pyroelectric Generator: Acceleration of Electron & ion Beams, X-Ray & Neutrons Production.

Shcheglov Yu.(PNPI) - D0 recent results.

Shvetsov V. (JINR, Dubna) – Neutron logging in space.

Sumachev V., Kruglov S., Lopatin I. (PNPI) - Measurements of the spin rotation parameters A and R in the resonance region of the pion-proton elastic scattering at the J-PARC.

Tchuvilsky Yu. (SINP MSU, Moscow) - Pseudo-PT-noninvariant effect and search for parity violation in angular distributions of unpolarized particles.

Titov A., Mosjagin N., Petrov A., Isaev (PNPI) - Search for electron EDM in molecular experiments: new objects and importance of precise calculations.

Titov A., Mosjagin N., Petrov A., Isaev (PNPI) - On the chemical identification of E112: is E112 a relatively inert element? Precise calculations of E112 compounds.

Toporkov D. (BINP, Novosibirsk) – Internal target experiment in the storage rings.

Yakovlev D. (PTI, St.Petersburg) - Strange stars.