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Current projects and recent results

  1. "MuSun Experiment. Gas System."

  2. Carrying out chromatographic analysis of hydrogen isotopes on trace amounts of oxygen, nitrogen, as well as analysis of the isotopic composition of hydrogen mixtures. Development of a method for purifying gas mixtures for proportional chambers from oxygen. Analysis of freon gas mixtures.

  3. Development and manufacture of low-activity targets from U-238 and Am-241, as a-radiation sources providing minimal broadening of a-lines, for testing proportional chambers in physical experiments.

  4. Development in the GPR of the radiochemical method of separating 82Sr from natural Rb and the sum of the resulting radioisotopes of Rb using ion-exchange chromatography with a 82Sr yield of 90%, which makes it possible to obtain 82Rb for use in medical purposes.

  5. Participation in the preparation of the experiment "Measurement of the proton radius". Development of a method for depositing Au on the central part of the anode used in the chamber.

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