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The Group of Applied Radiochemistry
The page opens in a separate window The Group of Applied Radiochemistry (ARC) is involved in the research and development of the purification methods of hydrogen and hydrogen isotope gases. The need for this research is dictated by the fact that the investigation of nuclear processes in the particle accelerators is conducted in hydrogen chambers. As a part of the Laboratory of Muon Catalysis, our group has been working for several years on the project "Muon catalysis of nuclear synthesis and its possible applications." Later we were collaborating with the Group of Meso-Nuclear Reactions on the international project "High Precision Study of Muon Catalyzed Fusion in D2 and HD Gases", see preprint 2395: "Preparation of pure deuterium-hydrogen for the investigation of muon catalysis of the dd-synthesis. The work was conducted at St.Petersburg Nuclear Physics Institute (PNPI, Russia) and Paul Sherrer Institute.
More see: (µCAP Experiment) (PSI, Switzerland),
(High precision study of muon catayzed fusion in D2 and HD Gases),

The page opens in a separate window Currently the ARC group and the Cryogenic & Superconductive Techniques Laboratory (see "MuSun muon capture", LKST.) are participating in the experiments of international MuSun project conducted at Paul Sherrer Institute.
PSI, Switzerland.
(Muon Capture on the Deuteron, The MuSun Experiment, MuSun Collaboration - February 8, 2008 )

The page opens in a separate window The developed method of phosphorus-32 extraction from the irradiated sulfur-32 target in the conditions of housing 6 using a five-section box made it possible to obtain a highly active drug phosphorus-32 for biological purposes in the laboratory on the body 50.

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