High Energy Physics Division Seminars in 2019

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    HEPD Seminars in 2019 :

      December 19,   2019,  11:00
      Joint Seminar HEPD - TPD

    M. Ryskin

    (PNPI NRC KI, Gatchina)

    High Energy Physics (theory) in pre-QCD era. (t1.pdf)

      December 17, 2019,  10:30

    A.E. Barzakh

     (PNPI NRC KI, Gatchina)

    Octupole deformation of nuclei.   (BarzakhOctupole_Nov19.pdf)

      December 10, 2019,  10:30

    V.V. Sarantsev

     (PNPI NRC KI, Gatchina)

    Early Creations of Astrophysical Objects.   (cvazar.pdf)

      December 3, 2019,  10:30


     (RIAN them. V.G. Khlopin)

    Stimulation of the deexcitation of nuclear isomers in the plasma of an electric explosion of conductors as an integral part of plasma technologies.   (Koltsov_ 03-12-2019.pdf)

      November 26, 2019,  10:30

    A.P. Kashchuk

     (PNPI NRC KI, Gatchina)

    Gas-filled detectors of the last generation.   (Gas-filled detectors of the last generation.pdf)

      November 19, 2019,  10:30

    D.E. Sosnov

     (PNPI NRC KI, Gatchina)

    Quark Matter 2019 Conference and Measurements of Exclusive Upsilon and Rho Meson Production in Ultra-Peripheral p-Pb Collisions by CMS at LHC.   (qm2019_highlights_pnpi.pdf)

      November 12, 2019,  10:30

    I.A. Mitropolsky

     (PNPI NRC KI, Gatchina)

    Measurement of $^124$Xe lifetime.   (124XE.pdf)

      November 5, 2019,  10:30

    Yu.A. Gavrikov

     (PNPI NRC KI, Gatchina)

    Precise orienting methods of crystals for LHC beam collimation.  

      Otober 29, 2019,  10:30

    L.Kh. Batist

     (PNPI NRC KI, Gatchina)

    Beta decay of $^100$Sn.   (batist.pdf)

      Otober 22, 2019,  10:30

    S.V. Chenmarev

     (PNPI NRC KI, Gatchina)

    Nuclear-physics studies at TRIGA reactor at Meinz (Germany).   (Chenmarev_October_22.pdf)

      Otober 15, 2019,  10:30

    G.E. Gavrilov

     (PNPI NRC KI, Gatchina)

    CSC CMS longevity studies and future plans/milestones.   (HEP_PNPI_seminar_HFO_results_15_10_2019.pdf)

      Otober 8, 2019,  10:30

    A.A. Dzyuba

     (PNPI NRC KI, Gatchina)

    Study of J/Psi meson at KEDR (thesis by T.A. Kharlamova, G.I. Budker Nuclear Physics Institute, Novosibirsk).   (Dzyuba_slides.pdf)

      Otober 1, 2019,  10:30


     (PNPI NRC KI, Gatchina)

    Investigation of the properties of t-quark in the ATLAS experiment.   (solovyev_top_quark.pdf)

      September 5,   2019,  14:30
      Joint Seminar HEPD - TPD

    Prof. Dr. Michael Klasen

    (University of Muenster, Germany)

    Perspectives of photon physics at future colliders.  
    (Abstract - We review current results on physics with photons at the LHC and discuss realistic perspectives of photon physics at future colliders. In particular, we focus on Standard Model (SM) measurements with photons at the upcoming high-luminosity and a possible high-energy LHC as well as jet measurements at an Electron-Ion Collider (EIC) to be constructed either at BNL or at JLAB and their potential to constrain nuclear parton densities. We also discuss future searches for physics beyond the SM with photons in the high-luminosity phase of the LHC.)

      July 2, 2019,  10:30


     (PNPI NRC KI, Gatchina)

    Proportional chambers of a high-granular muon detector for central Regions M2 and M3.   (Bondar-02.07.2019.pdf)

      June 25, 2019,  10:30


     (University of Bern)

    ArgonCube - set of neutrino large mass detectors.   (Gatchina_DetectorSeminar_25.06.19.pdf)

      June 18, 2019,  10:30

    Pasquale di Nezza

     (INFN-LNF, Frascati, Italia)

    Internal gas targets at the LHC.   LHCspin, polarized fixed target experiments at LHC.  

      June 11, 2019,  10:30

    V.A. Chtcheguelski

     (PNPI NRC KI, Gatchina)

    Search for two-body correlations from data on exclusive production of pion pairs in proton-proton scattering at LHC.  

      June 11, 2019,  10:30

    G.D. Shabanov

     (PNPI NRC KI, Gatchina)

    30th anniversary of cold nuclear fusion study and three papers in Nature about it.   (11_06_2019_Cold_Fusion_Shabanov.pdf)

      June 5,   2019, 15:00

    Academician of the RAS Y.TS. Oganesyan

     (Laboratory of Nuclear Reactions to them. G.N. Flerov Joint Institute for Nuclear Research (JINR))

    Periodic Table after 150 years: superheavy elements.  (Abstract)

      May 30,   2019,  14:30
      Joint Seminar HEPD - TPD

    V.Yu.Petrov and A.A.Dzyuba

    (PNPI NRC KI, Gatchina)

    Pentaquarks with hidden charm. Theory and experiment.   (Petrov_5q.pdf)   and   (Dzyuba_5q.pdf),  

    Read more 2 notes from the Institute website:  
       - LHCb discovered new pentaquark states (Monday, April 01, 2019) - (More details)
       - PNPI of NRC Kurchatov Institute discussed pentaquarks (Monday, June 10, 2019) - (More details)

      May 28, 2019,  10:30

    L.V. Grigorenko

     (JINR, Dubna)

    Status and perspectives of investigations with radioactive isotope beams in Nuclear Reaction Laboratory of JINR.   (Grigorenko-Gatchina-2019.pdf)

      May 28, 2019,  10:30

    P.G. Sharov

     (JINR, Dubna)

    Study of energy spectra of exotic nuclei $^10$He and $^17$Ne.   (pres-Sharov.pdf)

      May 14, 2019,  10:30

    A.A. Fetisov

     (PNPI NRC KI, Gatchina)

    The Olbers Paradox or Why the Night Sky Is Black.  

      April 23, 2019,  10:30

    A.A. Dzyuba

     (PNPI NRC KI, Gatchina)

    Observation of CP-violation in charmed particle decays.   (Dzyuba_cCPV.pdf)

      April 9, 2019,  10:30

    V.T. Grachev

     (PNPI NRC KI, Gatchina)

    Telescope with three proportional chambers with cathode acquisition of information.   (Grachev_9.04.2019.pdf)

      April 2, 2019,  10:30

    S.A. Artamonov

     (PNPI NRC KI, Gatchina)

    Proton beams with variable energy at PNPI SC-1000.   (Artamonov_2.04.2019.pdf)

      March 28,   2019,  14:30
      Joint Seminar HEPD - TPD


    (PNPI NRC KI, Gatchina)

    The QCD Odderon: status and perspectives.  
    (Abstract - The main characterics of the QCD Odderon and recent experimental evidences of possible revealing of the ODDERON in proton-proton elastic scattering at the LHC are discussed. We suggest new feasibilities of revealing the Odderon in photoproduction of C-even mesons in proton-lead interactions at the LHC.)

      March 26, 2019,  10:30

    Roberto Petti

     (University of South Carolina, USA)

    Precision measurements of fundamental interactions using (anti) neutrinos.   (PNPI19-Petti.pdf)

      March 19, 2019,  10:30


     (PNPI NRC KI, Gatchina)

    Elaboration of systems for integrated management with geographically distributed centers of data treatment.  

      March 12, 2019,  10:30

    I.A. Mitropolsky

     (PNPI NRC KI, Gatchina)

    Cross section of neutron capture by $^88$Zr nucleus.   (88Zr_3.pdf)

      February 26, 2019,  10:30


     (PNPI NRC KI, Gatchina)

    The experimental program of the accelerator complex NICA.   (NICA_RiabovVG.pdf)

      February 19, 2019,  10:30


     (PNPI NRC KI, Gatchina)

    Review of data analysis methods in neutrino physics (based on PHYSTAT-ν 2019).   (repd_wc.pdf)

      February 14,   2019,  14:30
      Joint Seminar HEPD - TPD

    V.A. Khoze

    (Durham Un. & PNPI)

    The LHC as a photon-phton coolider.  
    (Abstract - I will discuss the possibilities for using the LHC as a photon colliding machine. Despite indications from earlier studies, the photon parton density in the proton is quite precisely known and I consider the implications for LHC phenomenology. In addition, the colour singlet nature of the photon means that it can readily lead to exclusive or semi-exclusive events, with limited or no extra particle production in the final state. I will show how such exclusive processes, in particular in combination with proton tagging measurements, provide a well understood environment in which to test the Standard Model and search for BSM physics. I shall focus on a few topical examples.) (Gatchina-photon19.pdf)

      February 12, 2019,  10:30


     (PNPI NRC KI, Gatchina)

    Diffraction processes in the CMS at the LHC.   (dsosnov_diffraction_20190212.pdf)

      February 5, 2019,  10:30

    G.D. Shabanov

     (PNPI NRC KI, Gatchina)

    Globe-lightning is a window to beyond ("On a creation possibility of natural globe-lightning with impulse discharge of a new type in a laboratory", Soviet. Phys. Uspekhi (in Russian) V. 189, No 1 (2019), p. 95-111).   (Shabanov-05.02.2019.pdf)

      January 29, 2019,  10:30

    V.A. Kuznetsov

     (PNPI NRC KI, Gatchina)

    Spectroscopy of Light Baryons II: experimental setups and methods, search for possible light-quark exotic states.   (sem_piter_29012019.pdf)

      January 22, 2019,  10:30


     (PNPI NRC KI, Gatchina)

    Baryon spectroscopy: methods and recent results.  

      January 17,   2019,  11:00
      Joint Seminar HEPD - TPD


    (PNPI NRC KI, Gatchina)

    Laser-stimulated nuclear processes and the low-lying isomer level in Th-229.  
    (Abstract - Quark Gluon Plasma (QGP) is a generic source of hadrons produced in high multiplicity proton-proton collision at the LHC. The QGP is confined, i.e. unobservable. However, the QGP-to-hadron phase transition results in a cloud of dense and hot expanding hadronic matter. Interactions between hadrons and decays of the short-living resonances cool down this matter during an expansion process. Finally, the density becomes low enough to stop the final state interactions and, correspondingly, expansion and cooling. Bose-Einstein correlations is an effective tool to study a space-time evolution of a radiative hadronic matter during the cooling process, in particular, to measure the final sizes of particle radiation cloud. Presented results are based on a comprehensive analysis of the minimum bias events sample collected by the ATLAS collaboration in proton-proton collisions with energy 7 TeV at the LHC.)

      January 15, 2019,  10:30


     (PNPI NRC KI, Gatchina)

    First Application of Crystals in Slow Extraction of SPS Beam at CERN.   (2019.01.15, PNPI HEPD.pdf)


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