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  Main directions of HEPD PNPI

Computing Systems Department

Head of the Computational Systems Department of the Department of High Energy Physics, PNPI:    A.E. Shevel
Photogallery of the staff of the CSD of HEPD.

  Development of efficient information and computing architectures to advance scientific research.

  Support for the developed and implemented OVS computing systems of the HEPD and the institute:
  • The local network of the HEPD on 7 and 2 buildings (three nodes on the 7th building and 6 nodes on the 2nd building);

  • Computational micro-cluster HEPD (;

  • HEPD cloud data storage (;

  • The main DNS server of the institute for the zone;

  • WWW, FTP server HEPD, Twiki server, RADIUS, additional DNS server of the Institute and mailing lists of HEPD (;

  • Center for Computer Communications of the Institute, providing integration of the Institute's networks;

  • Proxy server of the HEPD and the central divisions of the Institute for working with the Internet via a terrestrial channel (;

  • HEPD WiFi network;

  • Videoconferencing of the HEPD;

  • Centralized printer of HEPD.
(For more information, see "the Computing Division Activities and Outcomes Presentation":
in 2020,   in 2021,  ( see Video rolik),   in 2021, ( see Video rolik),  
or can be found in a separate material   on the Computing Division website.).

For publications of the Department of Computing Systems see the website page.

Projects of the Department of Computing Systems see the website page.

About achievements of the Department of Computing Systems see the website page.

Press-relizy of the CSD of HEPD.

Additional information about the fundamental prerequisites of past and new achievements of the Department of Computing Systems.

Development of the computer infrastructure of the HEEP from the point of view of the OVS - for the period up to 2027.


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